Artist: Alan Charing

Produced by: Lazy Bones Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Originally from Boston, singer, songwriter and musician Alan Charing decided to move to Portland, Oregon to work on furthering his musical career.  His debut album, Seconds West, was a solo affair with Charing playing most of the instruments himself.  The album showcased Charingís unique honkytonk rocking sound.  Shortly after the release of this debut album, Charing formed a band called A.C. Cotton which celebrated its first and last release, Notes for the Conversation, in 2004.  Now, six years later, Alan Charing is back on the scene with a new album entitled Stitch.

            With help from the alternative country band, Rich Fontaine, and singer Laura Gibson, Alan Charing has come back to life with eleven tracks of music that will tickle any country/rock loverís fancy.  Charingís sound is a blend of sultry rock vocals, country music storytelling and honkytonk/rock music.  Just listening to him for the first time, I was drawn in by his rich and mesmerizing vocals.  One song simply wasnít enough and I had to listen to the entire album.

            The lyrics found on Stitch are your basic country-style storytelling, featuring a variety of tales such as love gone bad, finding oneís self, coming to terms with life, being a small fish in the big pond of life and more.  But, for me, itís the music that stands out on this album, a sort of rock and roll meets country blend that will have you tapping your feet, nodding your head and dancing in your seat.

            Listening to Stitch, you would hardly realize that Alan Charing had taken a six year hiatus from music, especially after listening to the strong opening song, Leftover Life to Kill, my favorite track on the album.  His vocals are strong, the lyrics meaningful and the music offers a toe-tapping good time.  Welcome back, Alan Charing.  Letís not take so long to produce another album, okay?  I canít wait to hear what else you may have to offer!


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