Strike Back

Musical Score Composed By: Scott Shields

Songs By: The Heavy

Distributed by: Varese Sarabande Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            The military action television series entitled Strike Back is based on a novel by former Special Air Service soldier Chris Ryan.  The series focuses on two members of Secret 20, a top secret intelligence agency.  Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) is a British sergeant on an elite counter-terrorism team and Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) is a former United States Delta Force operative who is discharged on the eve of the US invasion of Iraq.  Together, Michael, Damien and the rest of the Secret 20 team are on the hunt for Latif (Jimi Mistri), a deadly international terrorist whose latest plans to get a hold of Weapons of Mass Destruction could have global repercussions.

            The musical score of Strike Back was created by Scottish musician, record producer and composer Scott Shields.  Beginning as a drummer for Gun and Raindog and eventually performing guitar for The Mescaleros, Shields has recently turned to composing.  His composing résumé includes such notable series as The Walking Dead, all five seasons of Strike Back and co-composing gigs on Injustice, Murphy's Law and The Last Enemy.

            The Strike Back Soundtrack starts off with the show's theme song Short Change Hero, performed by The Heavy.  It starts off with the sounds of explosions, then leads into a bluesy track in which the singer warns "This ain't no place for no hero / This ain't no place for a bitter man / This ain't no place for no hero / To call home."  The rest of the eighteen track soundtrack is a complete rock fest filled with adrenaline pumping sound and great guitar riffs.

            This soundtrack should definitely come with a warning - do not listen to while driving as the adrenaline pumping rock sound could lead to a need for speed.  This is one invigorating, exciting soundtrack that is equally enjoyable as backdrop to the visual action and drama of the series and as a stand alone album.  The Strike Back Soundtrack was definitely an enjoyable listen.


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