Musical Score By: Christopher Tyng

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                The popular USA Network television series, Suits, stars Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross, a college dropout who somehow manages to land a job as law associate to Harvey Spectre (Gabriel Macht), a lawyer working for the prestigious New York City law firm Pearson Hardman.  The series follows Mike and Harvey as they close case upon case while somehow managing to keep Mike lack of a law degree a secret. 

                The musical score of Suits was created by American composer, songwriter and producer Christopher Tyng, who also happens to be rather proficient on the drums.  He has written music and songs for a number of successful movies and television series over the past twenty years.  Some of his solo composing ventures include Futurama, The O.C., Covert Affairs and Rescue Me.

                The Suits Soundtrack features music from the first four seasons of the television series.  The album opens with Greenback Boogie by Ima Robot, the series opening theme, followed by Christopher Tying's score.  The music found on the album is a mix of blues type rock, featuring electric guitars, pianos, synths, electronic sound, hand claps, whistles and heavy percussion.  Though somewhat quiet in the beginning, we get a hint of something jamming with Showdown...just a hint - the track ends just when the music starts to get good.  But once you reach Legal Minded, you'll find yourself playing air guitar and pounding the table to that slamming percussion.  It's on from there with some rather intense and hard-hitting tracks.

                I must say, having never watched the show, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when listening to its soundtrack.  I was wholly unprepared for this edgy score that I enjoyed so much, I had to listen to  it again and again before I wrote the review.  Christopher Tyng has created a score that is quite different from anything I was expecting and wholly enjoyable as a stand alone album.  The Suits Soundtrack is a terrific  listen for anyone who enjoys bluesy guitar riffs and rocking percussion.


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