Martial Arts/Action

Supercop 2

Distributed by: Golden Harvest

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                I love martial arts films and I happen to like Michelle Yeoh, so when I can find a martial arts film starring Michelle Yeoh, I usually try to get my hands on it.  I watched Supercop 2 years ago, but I still love it and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the DVD version.

                A spinoff of Jackie Chan’s Police Story films, in Supercop 2, Michelle Yeoh reprises her role as Police Inspector Jessica Yang risks her life to fight crime in China.  Awarded a medal for saving the life of a high ranking official, Jessica thinks all is well in her life, until her boyfriend, David Chang (Yu Rong Guang) tells her he wants to move to Hong Kong as a hot job prospect is waiting there. 

                Shortly after he has left, Jessica is sent to Hong Kong to assist the local police force with a group of gun-toting criminals who have held up a bank and stolen important documents.  Inspector Martin Lee (Emil Chau) and his partner Alan Wong (Siu-Wong Fan) are charged with obtaining any information Jessica can impart about this gang, but are carefully instructed not to allow Jessica to actually get involved in any police work.

                But when Jessica discovers that the group they are after appear to have some sort of military experience, she becomes suspicious.  It isn’t long before she realizes that her former boyfriend David and the old army friend he joined in Hong Kong  (Bowie Lam) are behind it all, working with American Roger Davidson (Alain Guernier) to knock off Hong Kong’s biggest bank.  According to David, this was his last heist, the one that will allow him to live with Jessica happily ever after, but Jessica has other plans.

                Michelle Yeoh is simply drop dead gorgeous in this 1999 film.  Her martial arts scenes are very well-choreographed and Yeoh always astounds the viewer with her graceful execution.  The storyline is believable enough, though I still can’t understand why David would leave the police force when he appeared to be doing well there alongside Jessica.  His total side change was never really fully explained, but most people don’t watch karate films for their amazing storylines.  That being said, Yu Rong Guang and Michelle Yeoh have excellent chemistry and so, the love story fits.

                Supercop 2 is a spinoff of Jackie Chan films, but if you were looking for a lot of Jackie Chan in this movie, you’d be disappointed.  There is a quick scene of the Inspector in drag foiling a heist, but it feels almost gratuitous, as if they had to throw a scene with Jackie in there somehow.  Funny as it was, it just didn’t seem to fit the story.

                But I have to say that the fight scenes were phenomenal – lots of action and a whole lot of fun.  Yeoh’s graceful execution and Yu Rong Guang’s speedy maneuvers are great.  Even Siu-Wong Fan shows some of his own martial arts prowess.  The gunfights are a bit lame, as are the huge thugs that accompany Davidson, though the fight between Yeoh and one of the behemoths is intriguing.

                Supercop 2 is not huge on story and the dialogue is somewhat lacking, but the action is spot on and watching the action scenes more than makes up for what the film is lacking in other departments.  Surely, not one of Michelle Yeoh’s best hits, but not one of her worst either.


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