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Take A Gamble

Artist: Superreal

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Hailing from Burmingham, U.K., the band known as Superreal is a force to be reckoned with.  Their sound is hard-hitting and edgy with a unique mix of rock and punk and voices that blend together rather nicely.  How this band has remained unsigned for three years boggles the mind, especially after listening to 2 CDs produced by this excitingly entertaining crew.

            Jezabel, the band’s EP, contains just three songs, with fairly similar sounds.  The EP shows more of Superreal’s punk / alternative side.  The first track, Jezabel, is a terrifically rousing song tailor-made for the radio.  Your head immediately rocks to the beat, and the lyrics are so catchy as to have you singing along by the end of the song.  You could easily imagine this song finding a place on an American Pie soundtrack.  The entire EP is blessed with amazing percussion and hot guitar riffs. 

            Take A Gamble is a closer stab at a full-length album for Superreal, consisting of seven songs.  This is where the band starts to really let loose rock-wise.  The percussion becomes hard-hitting, the guitars riffs more daring, and the vocals grittier.  The first song, Ode to You, is more of an introductory track as the song is very short…entirely too short if you ask me.  The message of the track is delivered quite effectively, but the song could use another stanza or two of lyrics.  It feels cut-off toward the end.  However, despite the quickness with which the first track ends, the rest of Take A Gamble is tremendously enjoyable.  The vocals here are edgier than those of Jezabel, but that edge adds even more meaning to the album’s quality lyrics.

            In fact, that’s one of the things that make Superreal most enjoyable.  In their lyrics, Superreal says things that we have always wanted to tell people.  Listeners shake their heads, proudly singing out lyrics that they can completely relate to.  Whether the tale of the track reminds you of your ex, a wannabe, friend, co-worker, or neighbor, each song’s lyrics can pertain to someone in our lives at any given moment…someone who we’ve been dying to tell off.  Take Givin’ It In (from the Jezabel EP), for instance – that’s tailor-made for the show off in your life: “So your car is quicker / Sure your Dad is bigger / You need a good lesson in life! / Givin’ it in / Givin’ it up / Well I know you’ll come unstuck / In the end who’s your friend / Not me!...Or anyone!!”  The lyrical message of Ode to You (from Take A Gamble) can’t be missed: “I know it’s hard / To fit in / When individuality / It seems like a sin…Don’t try to be something that you’re not!”  And for the tall-tale spinner, there’s Hi-Fidelity (also from Take A Gamble): “…Maybe if you take a listen to yourself / Look at the facts, you’ll sort it out / Don’t have to impress me / With every single word you say / Just tell me the truth and that’s okay.”

            Catchy, yet meaningful lyrics, rocking beats and incredible guitars, gritty vocals that capture your attention – this band has it all.  But don’t just take my word for it, head over to, where you can sample the songs on Jezabel.  After you take a listen, show the band your support by purchasing their album and playing it for everyone you know.  This is a band that deserves to be signed!

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