Music By: Richard Marvin

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Welcome to a world in which people can live their lives vicariously through robotic surrogates.  From the safety of their own homes, these people live in a world without crime, pain, fear or consequences.  So how is it possible for a murder to take place on such a world?  FBI Agent Greer (Bruce Willis) is assigned to investigate this very question.  In his effort to capture the killer, Agent Greer will stop at nothing to uncover the truth, even if it means putting his own life on the line.          

            The Surrogates Soundtrack is composed by Richard Marvin who began his musical career as a top studio pianist, playing for such distinguished composers as Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams.  He began his television and film composing career in the 1980s, working with Mike Post who gave him the opportunity to create musical scores for The A-Team and Hardcastle & McCormick.  He later went on to create award-winning musical scores for U-571, Without A Trace and Six Feet Under.  Other works include musical compositions for Flight of Black Angel, Breakdown, In Treatment and Three Rivers.

            The soundtrack of Surrogates is comprised of only 12 tracks, but most of the tracks are lengthy and contain a great deal of substance.  When I first popped this CD into the player, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Sure, this was supposed to be a science fiction action thriller, but I had been let down by some of the soundtracks for these movies before.  As I listened to the first track on the CD, Pix Title Sequence, I began to smile.  This track contained music that hinted at mystery and action.  A full orchestra was used to create the music with a mix of synthesizers, guitars and eerie vocals to top things off.  The track reminded me very much of the original Terminator Soundtrack.  It spoke sci-fi and action to me perfectly.

            From there, I was convinced that Richard Marvin had captured the very essence of the film through his composition.  Fast-paced music indicated action while horns and violins gave off an impression of intrigue.  There is a very precise theme found in this album - fast and somewhat dramatic.  It appears often throughout the soundtrack played by different instruments, sometimes piano, sometimes horns and violins.  It expresses a sense of urgency and determination, outlining the character of Agent Greer.

            The Surrogates Soundtrack is fast-paced and quite enjoyable.  Even the lulls in the musical action are enjoyable.  Always followed by more action, these lulls are never too long and create perfect moments of tranquility in the midst of each adrenaline rush.  This is a fun soundtrack perfectly suited for the movie’s genre and well-worth a listen.


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