Science Fiction

Star Wars: A Forest Apart

Author: Troy Denning

Published By:
The Ballentine Publishing Company

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Who doesn’t love Chewbacca?  Everyone loves that huge furball with a life debt to our favorite Star Wars scoundrel, Han Solo.  His death in the New Jedi Order novels took everyone by surprise and sparked quite an uproar in the fan community.  So, when the powers that be announced Troy Denning would be publishing an ebook featuring Chewbacca, fans, including myself, were happy to check it out.

            Taking place just prior to the events of Tattooine Ghost, A Forest Apart is an ebook featuring Chewbacca, his life-mate Mallatobuck and his son Lumpawarrump, also known affectionately as Lumpy.  In this short story, Malla and Lumpy are visiting Chewbacca on Coruscant.  The story begins with Malla and Chewbacca discussing Lumpy’s future.  Chewbacca’s life debt to Han has been keeping him far from home and the two worry that this is affecting their son negatively.  It is during this discussion that an intruder finds his way into Han and Leia Solo’s apartment.  Lumpy investigates and attempts to capture the burglar, succeeding in becoming captured himself.  Chewbacca and Malla must find their son, the data pad stolen from the Solos and stop an evil plot to overthrow the New Republic before it is too late.

            I loved that this story focused solely on Chewbacca and his family.  Earlier attempts at this - The Star Wars Holiday Special- failed miserably, but this story by Troy Denning was endearing to this Chewie fan.  It explained a great deal as to the feelings Chewbacca had for his family.  It also explained the Lumpy we now know today, complete with his new adult name Lumpawaroo.  These are the events that molded Chewbacca’s son and made him the responsible warrior he is today.

            I also enjoyed how much a Wookiee family’s values emulate those of humans.  Chewbacca enjoys the fact that his son wants to be like him, is distressed to discover that the lack of his father’s presence is affecting the boy, and wants to instill in his son the traditional skills and achievements of every Wookiee who ever lived.  These are things our own parents worry about and want to give their children to this day.  In showing us the similarities between Chewie’s family and our own, Troy Denning just brings Chewbacca that much closer to his already adoring fans.


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