Science Fiction

Star Wars: And Leebo Makes Three

Authors: Michael Reeves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

Originally Published In: Star Wars Insider Magazine

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            One always wonders about Dash Rendar, the Corellian smuggler and freelancer who first appeared in Shadows of the Empire back in 1996.  The crime syndicate known as Black Sun destroyed his family business, killed his brother and ruined the Rendar family name, leaving Dash with a score to settle.  He appeared to settle that score on one level by helping the Rebellion rescue Leia Organa from Black Sun leader Prince Xizor.  He eventually teamed up with Xizor’s former human replica droid Guri and formed a mercenary team.  The character of Dash Rendar was highly appealing as he seemed to be Han Solo’s equal in brashness and flying abilities.  But what of Dash’s past - how did he become the brash smuggler we met in Shadows of the Empire Michael Reeves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff attempt to offer readers some insight in their new short story written exclusively for the Star Wars Insider Magazine entitled And Leebo Makes Three.

            This new Dash Rendar tale takes place some time before the events of Shadows of the EmpireAnd Leebo Makes Three finds Dash and his Nautolan partner, Eaden Vrill, brokering a deal with a Rodian comedian for a LE series repair droid.  The deal appears to go well, but Dash and his partner soon discover that they’ve gotten more than they paid for with this droid.  Stored inside the droid is a memory stick featuring quite a bit of information about the Black Sun, their recent transactions and high ranking individuals on their payroll.  And as it turns out, there are a whole lot of sentients willing to kill for the information on that memory stick. 

            This story may be short, but it packs a great deal of punch with a whole lot of action in the form of space battles and near incinerations.  Leebo, as they name the repair droid is filled with sarcastic backtalk and a number of surprises.  I always liked Dash Rendar and was pleased to see that someone was planning to offer us a bit more of his back story.  It definitely makes me want to check out their new novel featuring even more of Dash’s history entitled Star Wars: Shadow Games.

            I think Star Wars: And Leebo Makes Three has everything a Star Wars fan can ask for: action, adventure, suspense and a snarky droid.  By far this is one of the best Star Wars Insider exclusive short stories to date and a must read for any fan of Dash Rendar.


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