Science Fiction

Star Wars: Blade Squadron: Kuat

Author: David J. Williams and Mark S. Williams

Art By: Chris Trevas

Originally Published In: Star Wars Insider Magazine

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            The latest issue of Star Wars Insider Magazine brings us back to the beginnings of the New Republic.  The fledgling government is still trying to defeat the pockets of Imperials still in existence.  The most difficult of Imperial bases – The Kuat Drive Yards, builder of all sorts of Imperial weaponry, including Star Destroyers, TIE fighters, AT-ATs and more.  It must be destroyed.  Enter Blade Squadron!

            In Star Wars: Blade Squadron: Kuat, Lt. Gina Moonsong is now leading the B-Wing Squadron, with Commander Braylen Stramm temporarily transferred to Combat Operations Planning and running things from the Mon Cal cruiser Amalthea.  Moonsong’s bomber squadron is united with an X-Wing squadron as protection, but on their first mission, the leader of the X-Wings proves to be a wild card. 

            Lt. Sandara Li disobeys orders to take out a squad of AT-ATs, only to find she has gotten her X-Wing squadron into trouble.  After bailing her out, Lt. Moonsong has serious misgivings about this mission.  Can Moonson survive working with a pilot just as impulsive and talented as she was when she started?

            Out of all of the Blade Squadron storylines, I found Star Wars: Blade Squadron: Kuat to be the most enjoyable.  I loved how the tables had been turned on Moonsong and, now that she was commanding a unit, she could see just what Braylen had to deal with when leading the impulsive Moonsong into battle and keeping her in line.  The only problem with the story is the seemingly too short ending.  One minute they’re in a heated battle and Moonsong is worried about getting too far from a limping Amalthea and then the battle is over. 

            Though a good story, you will definitely find yourself scratching your head at the end wondering what just happened.


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