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Star Wars: Boba Fett: A New Threat

Author: Elizabeth Hand

Published By:
Scholastic Inc.

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            With four of the six Boba Fett novels under my belt, I couldnít wait to read A New Threat, the fifth installment of the young adult series started by Terry Bisson and completed by Elizabeth Hand.  Boba Fett has learned quite a few life lessons over the past four novels.  Growing up faster than his father, Jango, could ever have imagined, Boba has finally gained the attention of Jabba the Hutt, but how does he finally achieve the most sought after bounty hunter in the galaxy status that he has now?  To learn that, I must read on.

            Star Wars: Boba Fett: A New Threat opens two years after Hunted and features a now teenage and slightly seasoned Boba Fett.  Having worked as a bounty hunter for Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine for some time now, Boba has earned Jabbaís respect, proving that he is just as resourceful as his father.  Now, Jabba has decided that it is time to see just how well Boba Fett will fare outside of his comfort zone.  For the past couple of years, Tatooine has been Bobaís home and the area has become extremely familiar to him.  It is now time to see how well he will fare in unfamiliar territory.

            Jabba has declined to take sides in the Republicís war against the Separatists, preferring to play both sides to his advantage.  However, that is about to change.  The Republic has been trying to capture Separatist Techno Union Foreman and combat engineer Wat Tambor, but have been unsuccessful thus far.  Realizing that a bounty hunter may have more success in capturing or killing Tambor and knowing that Jabba the Hutt has access to the most elite bounty hunters in the galaxy, the Republic has approached Jabba.  Unwilling to alert the public that they are hiring bounty hunters to solve the Wat Tambor problem, the Republic has asked Jabba to be a go-between in placing a bounty on the head of Wat Tambor.

            Whoever takes the job must handle the situation without the assistance of Republic forces.  Believing Boba Fett to be his best bounty hunter on Tatooine, Jabba offers this as Bobaís first off-planet mission.  Wat Tambor is presently located at his personally designed fortress on the exotic planet of Xagobah.  Republic and Separatist forces are already locked in a heated battle there, but they have had little success in entering Tamborís fortress.

            Can Boba Fett make his way between both enemy lines and through the defenses of Tamborís fortress, take out Tambor and return to Jabba to collect his bounty unscathed?  Or will the battlefield, swarming with such dangers as Jedi warriors, clone troopers, battle droids and the often deadly indigenous plant life prove too much for Boba Fett to handle?

            In previous novels, owing to his youth, Boba Fett was a tad bit naÔve.  His naivetť  about the world at large and its treacherous and often ruthless occupants made him quite vulnerable.  But times have changed.  Boba Fett is a quick learner and in A New Threat, we meet an older, wiser and more confident bounty hunter.  Quick to learn from past mistakes and possessive of an uncanny ability to adapt to new situations, Boba Fett has begrudgingly earned the respect of many a bounty hunter, but he still has much to prove.  Thus, when Jabba the Hutt offers him this dangerous and nearly impossible mission, Boba is quick to accept and prove that he is not just some flash in the pan, but a bounty hunter to be feared and respected like his father Jango.

            The numerous obstacles that face Boba Fett on this mission are quite daunting.  Not only must he dodge the weaponry of both the Republic and Separatist forces, but the whole planet seems to be uprising against him.  Xagobah is already teaming with plant life that possess amazing defense mechanisms, but Wat Tambor has been working with the planetís plants, engineering even more deadly weapons to protect himself and defend his fortress.  The fact that Boba Fett gets so far is a credit to his adaptability and his refusal to turn back in the face of overwhelming odds.

            Thus far, this Boba Fett young adult novel series has me hooked thanks to the revelation of previously unknown details of Bobaís early years and the action and suspense contained in each novel.  Filled with more action and suspense than the previous novels, A New Threat has a cliffhanger ending, leaving Boba in extreme peril, with the mission incomplete.  Can Boba Fett complete the mission successfully?  Well, I assume we all know the answer considering Boba Fettís future reputation, and yet, I canít wait to read the final novel in the series to discover how he is going to pull it all off. 


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