Science Fiction

Star Wars: Boba Fett: Maze of Deception

Author: Elizabeth Hand

Published By:
Scholastic Inc.

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Having always wondered about the mysterious bounty hunter, Boba Fett, I jumped at the opportunity to learn more about him in a Scholastic Inc. young adult book series about Boba Fettís youth.  The first two novels I read in the Star Wars: Boba Fett series, The Fight to Survive and Crossfire by Terry Bisson, were both interesting and gave readers insight into the man young Boba Fett eventually became.  The third novel, Maze of Deception, is written by a different author.  I wondered at the new adventures awaiting young Boba, but I also wondered whether a change in writers might have an adverse affect on the enjoyability factor of the series.

            When we last left Boba Fett, Aurra Sing had just persuaded Boba to share his fatherís inheritance with her if she helped him track it down.  Boba reluctantly agreed and now they were on their way to the banking planet of Aargau (interesting that this planet should be named after a location in Switzerland, another "neutral zone" and popular banking location).  Upon arrival, Boba Fett discovers that his father Jango had indeed amassed quite a bit of currency for his son.  All that would be needed is to find the bank in which this fortune was deposited and Boba Fettís own DNA to unlock and retrieve his inheritance.

            When a local resident aides Boba in ditching Aurra and offers to help in retrieving Bobaís money, Boba Fett is suspicious, but seeing no other choice in the matter, he throws in his lot with this new acquaintance.  But if Boba has learned anything from his recent adventures, itís that no one can be trusted.  With Aurra Sing hot on his trail and a deceptive citizen at his side, Boba must fight to attain and keep what is rightfully his in this world without becoming a prisoner to its rules and regulations.  And when the Banking Clanís leader comes to the planet, what sort of implications will this have on Bobaís future?

            I must say that the addition of a new author to this series does little to change the style of writing.  Elizabeth Handís storytelling prowess is just as captivating as that of Terry Bisson.  The first two stories flow rather neatly into this one with Elizabeth Hand so perfectly mastering the main characters of Boba Fett and Aurra Sing that one barely notices the difference in the two writers.

            Maze of Deception offers us a warier Boba Fett, but one with an underlying desire to find someone he can trust, despite his fatherís warnings.  He knows he canít trust Aurra Sing, but he hopes that his new acquaintance on this planet might be different.  But the Boba we meet now has a few months of experience under his belt and with all of that knowledge comes an air of suspicion on his part.  In reading this novel, we can understand how Boba Fett became so jaded - he had no one in his life that he could trust - no one who hadnít tried to swindle him in some way, shape or form.

            Maze of Deception leads us to another adventures which will unlock the mystery to Boba Fettís professional relationship with Jabba the Hutt.  I canít wait to find out more about that in the next novel in the series, Hunted.


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