Science Fiction

Star Wars: Constant Spirit

Author: Jennifer Heddle

Originally Published In: Star Wars Insider Magazine

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                With the release of Star Wars: Razor's Edge, the latest novel featuring Princess Leia's struggles in leading the Rebellion after the events of A New Hope, Star Wars Insider Magazine gives us a new short story featuring the adventures of a much younger Princess Leia, Senator from Alderaan and secret member of the Rebellion.

                Star Wars: Constant Spirit, by Jennifer Heddle, takes place long before the events of A New Hope.  Princes Leia Organa, Senator from Alderaan, is on a mission for the Rebellion.  On her way from a diplomatic mission to Duro, Leia has taken a side trip to the planet Quellor to meet with Rebellion spy, and friend of her father Bail Organa, Rafe Ballon.  Unfortunately, things don't work out just as planned and when Rafe is late to their rendezvous, she and her companion Gorhan fear the worst.

                They are about to leave when their worst fears are somewhat confirmed.  Rafe Ballon has been discovered a traitor by Moff Toggan.  He has collected all he could from the Imperial logs and plans to go underground, but Leia stubbornly believes she can save him.  As she and her crew take off from the planet, Moff Toggan's security forces attack the ship, knowing that Rafe is on board.  He does the only thing he can do - sacrifice himself for the larger mission at hand.

                Star Wars: Constant Spirit offers us a glimpse into Leia's past and a hard lesson learned - you can't jeopardize the outcome of a mission to save millions to save the life of one operative.  It is a lesson she is bound to learn again and again over the years spent with the Rebellion, conveniently forgotten when she devises the mission to rescue Han in Return of the Jedi, but that is another story altogether. 

                I enjoyed this glimpse into a younger Leia's past and the sneak peek at her relationship with Bail Organa we see at the end of the story.  Jennifer Heddle's writing was in keeping with Leia's character and her descriptiveness allowed the reader to actually picture the events as they unfolded.  The art by Magali Villenueve was quite beautiful, depicting a very young and pensive Leia.  Star Wars: Constant Spirit is a great addition to the Star Wars Expanded Universe of tales.


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