Science Fiction

Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Delusions of Grandeur

Author: Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta

Published By:
The Berkley Publishing Group

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In case you havenít been keeping track, I am making my way through the Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights series of young adult books in an effort to understand what factors have shaped the lives of some of our heroes in later books.  This far, I have learned quite a bit.  I have just finished the ninth novel in the series, Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Delusions of Grandeur.

            When we last left our heroes, Raynar Thulís father was still missing and IG-88 had just kidnapped Raynarís uncle while the young Jedi were on a fact finding mission at the ancient ruins of a Mandalorian fighting arena on the planet Kuar.  Rabba, Lowbaccaís friend who was long believed dead, had been found on Kuar, but left in a huff after some choice words with Raynarís uncle.  However, she promised Lowie she would find him in the future.

            Rabba makes good on her promise, tracking Lowie down at the Jedi Academy and convincing him to return to Kashyyk with her so she can reveal the fact that she is alive and all that she has encountered while with the Diversity Alliance since leaving her homeworld.  Lowie leaves behind his translator droid and Jedi friends in hopes of reuniting Rabba with her family and friends and learning what he can about the controversial Diversity Alliance.

            Meanwhile, Jaina, Jacen, Tenel Ka and Raynar travel to Mechis III.  With the kidnapping of his uncle Tyko, Raynar feels he must fulfill a family obligation by keeping his uncleís droid manufacturing facility running until he can be rescued from IG-88.  What they discover there is quite an eye-opener for the young Jedi.

            Bounty Hunter Zekk returns to his employer with bad news about his prey only to earn praise for seeing his job through to the end and his honesty.  He is also rewarded with a new job.  Hired on by a mysterious and rather jumpy client, Zekk is now on the hunt for Tyko Thul.  But something about Zekkís new boss is rather familiar.  Could it be that the man he is working for is currently the most sought after man in the galaxy?

            As if the young Jedi hadnít matured enough over the last couple of novels, facing quite sobering acts of cruelty and subterfuge, Delusions of Grandeur brings on even more eye-opening revelations for the heroes.  People that they once thought could be trusted reveal themselves to be something completely different and not exactly likeable at that.  Old bonds of friendship are questioned while new ones are formed.  Raynar, in particular, has come along way in this novel, becoming less of a boaster and more of a responsible young man. 

            Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Delusions of Grandeur is one of those important novels in the series that give us further insight into the minds of our heroes.  We begin to see how their thought processes are changing from those of childhood fancies to those of young adults.  The decisions they make now will affect them in years to come.  I canít wait to read the next novel and find out what else happens to Jaina, Jacen, Lowbacca, Raynar, Tenel Ka and Zekk to help shape the future for each character.

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