Sweet Home

Composed By: Ginés Carrión

Distributed by: ScreamWorks Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the Spanish horror film, Sweet Home, Ingrid Garcia-Jonasson and Bruno Sevilla are Alicia and Simon, a young couple who move into a new home.  Set in a largely unused building, it would appear that having such a large space would be wonderful, but when the home begins revealing its secrets, having no neighbors means that no one can help rescue them from the horrors.

                The musical score of Sweet Home was created by Ginés Carrión, a composer who began his film scoring career working alongside Roque Banos.  Carrion also has worked as an orchestrator on such notable films as Alatriste, Evil Dead and Old Boy.  Composing credits include a number of short films.  Sweet Home represents Carrion’s first solo composing bit for a full-length feature film.

                For Sweet Home, Carrion blended electronic and orchestral sound, using very popular horror cues, such as screeching violins, forbidding and ominous horns and strings and a variety of spooky sounds.  According to the composer, “I’m a maniac for the sounds my neighbors make and since the whole movie takes place inside a building, the music is full of bumps, sounds and echoes that seem to emanate from behind the walls of the hallway or another apartment.”  That whole thing that goes bump in the night feeling is evident throughout the whole score.  Also evident is the fact that Gines Carrion knows how to raise the hairs on the back of your neck.  The music has an urgent feel, fast-paced pieces of score arranged with blasts of sound give the listener the feeling of someone being chased, desperate to escape.

                From the very opening moments of the Sweet Home Soundtrack, I knew I was in for a fear-fest and Gines Carrion did not disappoint.


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