Science Fiction

Star Wars: The End of History

Author: Alexander Freed

Art By: Chris Scalf

Originally Published In: Star Wars Insider Magazine

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


           The latest new short story to appear in the Star Wars Insider Magazine keeps with the theme presented by the powers that be in charge of the Star Wars franchise.  Star Wars: The End of History, by Alexander Freed, with illustrations by Chris Scalf, is a story that takes place in the midst of rebellion against the Empire and Emperor Palpatine.

Taking place on a moon once colonized by Geonosians, The End of History revolves around Antron Bach, self-proclaimed historian for the Jedi of the Old Republic.  As the Empire purged the Jedi from the galaxy, Antron found himself enlisted in keeping the history of these fallen Jedi alive, keeping artifacts and stories about the Jedi hidden within the Geonosian caves hidden under the moon's mesa, such a remote location that the Empire would have no reason to suspect its existence.

Until a young rebel fighter named Miru Nadrinakar crash lands her starfighter on the moon, placing Antron and his hidden museum in jeopardy.  Despite his pleading to the contrary, Miru insists that she must leave the moon and continue her mission to Corellia to warn the resistance cells on the planet of the Emperor plan to purge the universe of their existence.  But using his spacecraft to leave the moon would mean revealing the location of the hidden museum.  What will Antron do?

The story isn't spectacular in the action category and there really isn't much in the way of character development here.  But there is a thought-provoking dilemma presented to Antron - a dilemma that, should the wrong path be taken, would label Antron something of a hypocrite.  How can he mourn the purge of one heroic group of individuals and be passive when another heroic group faces the same fate?  An interesting tale that I wish would have been a tad bit longer, providing time for character development before the big finale.


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