Science Fiction

Star Wars: Hammer

Author: Edward M. Erdelac

Originally Published In: Star Wars Insider Magazine

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                The latest edition of Star Wars Insider Magazine contained a short story from Edward M. Erdelac that I wasn’t quite expecting.  I had thought that all of the stories in this particular era had been told, but I see that I was mistaken, for Erdelac has provided us with a new story from the Order 66 era entitled Hammer.

                In the final days of the Clone Wars, a young man named Telloti finds himself working on a Jedi archeological dig on Ord Radama with Jedi Master Ryelli.  Telloti is more than a little disappointed to be on this mission with the Jedi Master.  In fact, he is a bit angry.  Telloti was all set to become a Padawan and expected to be paired with a master quickly after the Apprentice trials, but once his trials were over, Telloti found that he had not been picked to be a Padawan learner.  Thus, Telloti was assigned to the Explorer Corps.

                But Telloti dreamed of more.  In fact, the Master he was now paired with on this expedition had fought in the Clone Wars with a Padawan at his side.  Unfortunately, Master Ryelli had been injured during the battle on Geonosis and his Padawan killed.  Master Ryelli wants nothing more to do with war, much to Telloti’s consternation.  Telloti believes he can be just as good a warrior as even Obi-Wan Kenobi if just given half a chance.

                These are the thoughts running through his head when he happens upon a suit of strange obsidian armor and a two-handed lightsaber.  Where did this battlesuit and lightsaber come from and, more importantly, will they finally be the tools he needs to reach his greatest desire – to be a revered warrior?

                Star Wars: Hammer is definitely one of the darker Star Wars short stories I have read and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Edward M. Erdelac is a gifted writer, drawing you in and causing you to have a vested interest in the outcome of the characters in the tale.  Despite the predictability of the outcome, the way the ending takes place is a bit surprising…and a tad reminiscent of a story I once read involving Exar Kun

More importantly, I found myself wondering what happens to Telloti after the ending.  The way Hammer ends, you have the feel that this is not the last you will be hearing of Telloti.  I wonder if we will be seeing a novel in his future and, if so, I will definitely be on line at the register as soon as it hits the store.  Bravo, Edward M. Erdelac!  Bravo!


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