Science Fiction

Star Wars: Hunting the Gorach

Author: Jeff Grub

Originally Published In: Star Wars Insider Magazine

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In celebration of the release of Star Wars: Scourge by Jeff Grubb, Star Wars Insider Magazine has featured a new short story by Grubb called Hunting the Gorach.  The short story offers us a glimpse into the underworld featuring a Hutt as the main character.

            In this tale, Parella the Hutt has become Parella the Hunter, on the track of the elusive Gorach.  He has tracked the four-armed, furry biped to the Lowick swamps.  Possibly the last of its kind, the barbarian warrior known as the Gorach is determined not to make any easy target for Parella.  Unfortunately, Parella the Hutt is just as determined to mount the Gorach on his trophy wall at home.

            With the help of Lowick guide Kashina Furt, Parella tracks the Gorach through the swamps and finds its lair.  The ensuing battle is something Parella will never forget, especially when he discovers just what he has exactly won.

            I had read somewhere that the Hutts were originally a warrior species, despite their girth, but I had no clue that they could fight the way Parella the Hutt does in this story.  The thought of a Hutt in full armor was unimaginable to be until I read Hunting the Gorach.  It helped to have a visual in the form of artwork by Joe Corroney

            Hunting the Gorach was entertaining, engaging and contained an excellent plot twist in the end.  As I understand it, Jeff Grubb's novel, Scourge, features quite a few members of the Hutt clan, Hutts being his specialty.  If this short story is any proof of how engaging Grubb's writing is, I am certain that Scourge will be an incredibly fast-moving, enjoyable experience that will reveal a whole lot more surprises about the Hutt clan.


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