Star Wars Insider

Published by: Titan Magazines

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            When a co-worker and fellow Star Wars fan handed me a copy of Star Wars Insider Magazine back in the year 2000, I was impressed.  The magazine discussed all things Star Wars and featured in-depth articles about the movies, books, cartoons, comics, games, etc.  You name it, you could find it in this magazine.  After borrowing a few copies, I decided to get a subscription of my own to the magazine.  I had it for years until a change in publishers also brought about a change in price tags.  At the time, I wondered if the $6.00 per issue price was a bit steep.  After all, the last movie in the prequel trilogy had already hit the theaters.  I held on for a little while, but when the articles began to become repetitive, I gave up my subscription.

            Recently, that fellow Star Wars fan/co-worker handed me another issue of Star Wars Insider.  This issue had a brand new look to it, brought to us by yet another publishing company, Titan Magazines.  I was skeptical at first.  I had skimmed an Insider a couple of issues back and found I was still bored with its content, but this issue seemed promising.  I quickly delved into Star Wars Insider #104.

            There are a great deal of exciting things happening in the Star Wars universe at this time and the Insider makes every effort to cover them all.  Starting in October, the new Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series will debut on the Cartoon Network.  This issue of Star Wars Insider gives you an in-depth look at the series, featuring an interview with the series director, Dave Filoni, critical acclaim from Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, The L.A. Times and more, and a quicky interview with the series’ producer, director, editor and writer.

            The most talked about new Star Wars game finds prominence in this magazine as we learn how the idea for Star Wars: Dark Forces came about, what we can expect from the game and more.  The artwork for the game is explored as well as the storyline as we hear from the game’s creators as well as the actors supplying the voices for various characters in the game.  The Star Wars Insider features an interview with ILM’s visual effects star Dennis Miller and a huge article about Star Tours which not only discuses how the concept came about, but the differences between tours in the numerous Disney locations all over the globe.  And of course, no Star Wars Insider Magazine would be complete without a look at upcoming books, comics, collectors’ items and more.

            There are still some sections of Star Wars Insider Magazine that lull me to sleep.  No offense to Steve Sansweet, but I’m bored with the collectors’ item section…have been for years.  I loved one article in particular that took us inside Sansweet’s own vast collection years ago, but that was about all.  I also have grown tired of the Bantha Tracks section.  For those of you who don’t know, Star Wars Insider began its career as Bantha Tracks and the fan section of the magazine has been named after that early beginnings title.  Unfortunately, the content of that section is woefully boring.  There is a new section in the magazine which I find to be silly and unnecessary.  This section is called Versus and pits specific characters in the Star Wars universe against one another in an effort to discover what would happen if these characters actually came up against each other.  Yes, some Star Wars fans do have discussions like this – who’s better, Darth Vader or Darth Maul?  But the reality is, these are discussions we have with one another.  This two page segment offers up a few facts about their profiles and skills and very little discussion. 

            Otherwise, issue #104 of Star Wars Insider has once again peaked my interest in this magazine.  The price is a bit steeper, but the content is much better with more information, better writing, more pictures and a less repetitive nature.  Now that I’ve read Star Wars Insider #104, I’m starting to wonder if a new subscription wouldn’t be worth it.  So take a walk over to your favorite magazine section, check out Star Wars Insider Magazine and see if you don’t find yourself swept off into a galaxy far, far away.  May the Force be with you!


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