Star Wars: Invasion #0

Writer: Tom Taylor

Art: Colin Wilson

Colors: Wes Dzioba

Distributed By:
Dark Horse Comics

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Star Wars has long been a fixture in the comic book scene, beginning with the strips found in the newspapers and the series from Marvel Comics and now a permanent fixture in the world of Dark Horse Comics.  The latest entry in the long list of Star Wars Dark Horse titles is Star Wars: Invasion.  Set during the New Jedi Order, this series will be the first to touch upon the war with the Yuuzhan Vong.  The first two “episodes” of this series were featured for free for fans’ viewing pleasure on

            As is customary in all Star Wars tales, Invasion opens with a shot of what appears to be a cargo vessel of some sort drifting casually through space.  We are quickly introduced to Sarkkin, a wookie pilot, and Panha, a blue-skinned humanoid pilot of the Chiss species.  The two receive a faded transmission from the last survivor of a warrior civilization destroyed by invaders known as the Yuuzhan Vong.  The message warns that the Yuuzhan Vong is coming and that all should run from them, lest they be destroyed.  Panha reveals that she has had a run-in with this alien invader species before and decides that she and Sarkkin must warn the nearest civilized planet.  But will she be too late?

            Having read all of the books in the New Jedi Order, including the numerous short stories and ebook tales, I have to say that I found this comic book series to be intriguing.  This is a series that could delve into the back stories of characters we only received glimpses of in the novels.  This series could tell the tales of characters we never met and how they dealt with the invasion by the Yuuzhan Vong.  The possibilities for this comic book series are endless!

            The preview issue, #0 as it has been dubbed, has whet my whistle with two new characters and a brand new tale of adventure.  I want more!  But alas, I must wait for June 5th - the date when the second part of Star Wars: Invasion #0 will be revealed on  Until then, I can only theorize as to who Sarkkin is and how she dealt with the Vong the last time she met them. 

            It’s all very exciting - a new comic book filling in the gaps in the storyline of an entire galaxy at war with an invading army from another galaxy as depicted in the New Jedi Order novels.  I predict that this is one Star Wars comic series that will do extremely well in the sales category.  All of those enjoyed the New Jedi Order series will want to check out new stories that take place during that timeline.  I, for one,  can’t wait to check out the next issue of Star Wars: Invasion.


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