Star Wars: Invasion #0: Part 2

Writer: Tom Taylor

Art: Colin Wilson

Colors: Wes Dzioba

Distributed By:
Dark Horse Comics

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            One month ago, offered up a sneak peek at a comic book scheduled to hit the stands in July 2009.  Star Wars: Invasion will offer us a new and interesting look at the Yuuzhan Vong invasion that was chronicled in the New Jedi Order series of novels.  However, this comic book series will not be a carbon copy of the novel series.  Instead, the comics will bring readers new adventures taking place during the events of the New Jedi Order Star Wars: Invasion #0: Part 1 was rather intriguing and I couldnít wait until June when I could check out the last sneak peek before the official launching of the comic book.

            When we last checked in, the Yuuzhan Vong had just entered the system.  Recognizing the Vong ships as an invading force of aliens she has dealt with in the past, Chiss pilot Panha and her Wookie copilot Sarrkin head toward the closest inhabited planet in their path hoping to warn them of the impending invasion. 

            In Part 2 of the sneak preview, we discover that communications on the planet are down.  While Panha and Sarrkin continue to transmit their warnings to the people of the planet Artorias, they become the prey of the Vong.  The hull of the ship is breached and the Vong come aboard, but our friends have quite the surprise waiting for them.

            Star Wars: Invasion #0: Part 2 has one helluva surprise ending.  There are a couple of twists in there that give me the impression that the comic book is going to travel along the same vein as the New Jedi Order.  There will be twists and turns in the storyline and no character, no matter how invested in their storyline you are, will be safe.  Iím glad that Tom Taylor decided to keep the tenets of the original novel series.  This was the series that turned the Star Wars universe on its ear - well loved characters were killed off and whole planets were destroyed.  Iím glad to see that the comic book will not be some watered down version of the novel series.

            I also would like to thank the artists who have finally given me a visual concept of a Yuuzhan Vong in action.  I always tried to picture them and their fighting styles and weaponry in my mind, but my imagination only goes so far.  It was nice to finally see a Vong wielding his serpent staff in battle.  Damn but theyíre ugly!

            From what I have seen in sneak previews of Star Wars: Invasion, I have great hopes for the comic book series once it officially launches in July.  Fans of the New Jedi Order series are definitely going to want to check Star Wars: Invasion out, if only to add on to the already amazing New Jedi Order storyline.  Fans of Star Wars comics in general are going to love this series for its action and sense of adventure.  All-in-all, a win/win situation.


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