Music Composed By: Brian Satterwhite

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                The documentary Switch looks at the ever-changing world of energy.  From fossil to nuclear to renewable, the world is constantly searching for a newer and more efficient energy source.  Some choices have proven to be quite damaging to the world and so the documentary also looks at the pros and cons of each energy source that has existed over the years, searching for a sign of an efficient energy source that won't also have a damaging impact on the environment.

                The musical score of Switch was created by American composer Brian Satterwhite.  Graduating Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a dual major in film scoring and composition, Satterwhite has become an internationally acclaimed award-winning film composer.  Some of his composing credits include Shot, The Good Samaritan, Making the Modern, The Children's War, Artois the Goat and Man on a Mission.

                The music of Switch is mostly upbeat and fun featuring an electronic contemporary sound.  Tracks that deal with natural types of energy like Biofuels feature a less electronic approach with acoustic guitars and bongos.  Darker moments in the soundtrack appear with the failure of various energy sources or the discovery of the dangerous after-effects of prolonged use.  But there is a specific sound to the score that Satterwhite was looking for - he explains: "Since all of these energy sources are connected, so is the music. I didn't take a paint-by-numbers approach applying a characteristic sound to each idea. They're all connected so they all share similar sounds.  That was the biggest challenge - to create pieces of music that are characteristic enough to stand out as individual concepts, but also feel like they're all intertwined...just like global energy."

                While that may have been what he was striving for, I found very dramatic differences in tracks which were meant to musically illustrate the use of biofuels, solar and wind power and renewable energy.  These tracks are often less electronic based.  Either way, the entire soundtrack is enjoyable and has inspired me to actually see the documentary.  Take a listen to the music yourself and see if it doesn't inspire you to want to see the Switch documentary as well.


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