Science Fiction

Star Wars: The Last Battle of Colonel Jace Malcolm

Author: Alexander Freed

Originally Published In: Star Wars Insider Magazine

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            It's been a while since I had my Star Wars fix.  Lucky for me, my issue of Star Wars Insider Magazine showed up yesterday, featuring a short story by Alexander Freed set in the times of the Old Republic.  With the release of the video game and the books based on its characters, the events of the Old Republic have become quite the rage.  After all, this is relatively untapped territory.  We know the gist of the wars between the Sith and the Old Republic, but not all of the details.  I couldn't wait to check out this latest entry into the Expanded Universe.

            Star Wars: The Last Battle of Colonel Jace Malcolm features a grizzled, battle worn Jace as he leads a new unit across the fog-cloaked rocky cliffs of Kalandis Seven.  His unit is on a mission: to destroy an Imperial spaceport.  Sure, they'll just rebuild it, but at least the enemy will have to use up precious resources to do so and that would be alright with Colonel Jace Malcolm, whose seen more battles than he'd care to admit.  Fortunately for him, time is running short.  He'd soon be leaving this unit, but not before teaching his replacement a few things she might need to help her unit survive.

            Things are going as planned when Jace discovers a planetary command ship refueling at the spaceport.  The information on board could possibly end the war on Kalandis Seven.  Capturing it won't be easy, but it sure would be a great way for Jace to go out in a blaze of glory!

             I found Star Wars: The Last Battle of Colonel Jace Malcom to be rather interesting.  Reading the title, you expect that when Jace thinks of his time being short, he is speaking in fatal terms.  This expectation is heightened by the things he says to the mission leader and his suicidal attack on the Sith he finds on board the planetary command ship.  That being said, the ending surprised me to no end and yet, I wasn't annoyed by being mislead. 

            The character of Jace Malcom is simply too hardcore to go easy and I can't wait to learn more about fact, the story has inspired me to look him up and watch The Old Republic trailers featuring his character.  Jace Malcom definitely needs a spotlight book of his own and I hope to see one come out soon.


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