Science Fiction

Star Wars: Kindred Spirits

Author: Christie Golden

Originally Published In: Star Wars Insider Magazine

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            One of my favorite villains in Star Wars: The Clone Wars was Asajj Ventress.  She was a special that seemed to be vicious, but in the end, was redeemable if anyone cared to bother with the idea.  There was something about Ventress that screamed good girl done wrong in need of saving.  Problem is, she ended up with the wrong crowd and that wrong crowd ended up being a backstabbing Sith Lord.  I always rooted for Ventress, no matter what side she was on.  So, when I learned that the next Star Wars Insider Magazine short story featured Ventress, I couldn't wait to read it.

Star Wars: Kindred Spirits is a short story by Christie Golden meant to serve as a prequel to her novel, Star Wars: Dark Disciple.  In this tale, Ventress is a bounty hunter, taking jobs to stay afloat and earn her enough credits to stay alive another day.  Unfortunately, her most recent job ended in disaster when a group of pirates took the ship and the cargo she was supposed to be protecting, leaving her for dead.

Saved and healed by Lassa Rhayme, Ventress decided to team up with the smuggler and her crew...if only to retrieve the one piece of cargo she swore to keep safe.  Of course, that means entering a pirates hive under the guise of a Jedi captive of Rhayme, gaining access to the captured ship and cargo from the inside.  It should be simple, so long as they don't run into the hive's leader, Hondo.

I enjoyed reading this new side of Ventress, the less antisocial side that began emerging when she helped Ahsoka Tano in the final televised episodes of The Clone Wars.  Trusting people is very difficult for Ventress, and we definitely see that difficulty in this short story.  Lack of trust is one of those learned lessons that Ventress will be hard-pressed to break free of, but Lassa Rhayme goes a long way in helping Ventress progress toward that goal. 

I can only imagine what might be in store for the former Sith apprentice turned bounty hunter when she joins forces with Quinlan Vos in Dark Disciple on a mission to seek justice against her former master, Count Dooku.  I can only say that I will still be rooting for her, regardless of the outcome.


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