Science Fiction

Star Wars: Millennium Falcon

Author: James Luceno

Published By:
The Ballentine Publishing Company

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            As a Star Wars fan who can boast about seeing A New Hope when it first hit theaters in 1977, I can honestly say that I grew up with the Millennium Falcon.  I grew to love the ship as much as Han Solo and Chewbacca did.  I understood Lando Calrissian’s pain when he lost the Falcon to Han Solo in a game of sabacc.  I co-owned the original Millennium Falcon toy from Kenner as a kid and have a smaller model of the Falcon and a sign that says “My other transport is the Millennium Falcon.”  And I long to own the LEGO version of the celebrated starship.  Now, over thirty years after we were introduced to the fastest ship in the Star Wars galaxy, James Luceno takes us on a journey to discover the origins of the Falcon and its numerous adventures and owners prior to Han Solo in Star Wars: Millennium Falcon.

            It all begins when Allana, daughter of Tenel-Ka and Jacen Solo, discovers an ancient comlink hidden on board the Millennium Falcon.  Believing that the comlink had been hidden there by a former owner of the Falcon, the Solos are intrigued.  Han has always wanted to trace the falcon’s history and, so soon after the death of their son at the hands of his twin sister, the Solos believe that a little adventure may take all of their minds off of the tragedy they just barely survived.

            But the Solos are not the only ones interested in tracking down the Falcon’s various owners.  Someone from the Millennium Falcon’s past is also tracing her history, hoping to complete a mission started aboard the Falcon many years ago.  A mission of great importance to the Republic dating all the way back to the Clone Wars!

            As a huge fan of the Millennium Falcon, I loved reading about the ship’s past, beginning with her auspicious beginnings on the assembly line and the quirkiness of her actions in the time since then.  The fact that the ship seems to possess a character all her own is evident in how she behaves during various missions for a variety of owners - stalling out when performing missions she doesn’t necessarily approve of, flying perfectly during other adventures, and performing impossible maneuvers at incredible speeds when it really counts.

            I also enjoyed the fact that while much of the book was written in the third person point of view, the tales from the various owners of the ship are often written in the first person, somehow lending a bit more credence to the story.

            The characters of Jadak and Poste were intriguing additions to the Star Wars universe and I loved how Jadak’s past, his link to the ship and his beliefs somewhat paralleled those of Han Solo.  His whole attitude and everything he stands for is almost a mirror of Han even down to the fact that only near death would ever allow him to part with his favorite starship.

            Luceno has a very descriptive style of writing that places the author right in the middle of the scene.  You can picture everything that takes place as if it’s happening all around you in real time.  Action scenes are impressive, whether involving expert starship piloting, landspeeder chases, blaster firefights or hand-to-hand combat.

            My only complaint is Luceno’s Alice in Wonderland-like scene involving Allana.  Although I can appreciate the homage to Lewis Carroll, I must admit that I found this scene to be a tad corny.  And while I was put off by that particular scene, I did appreciate the somewhat Indiana Jones-ish style in which the original Clone Wars mission of the Millennium Falcon is finally completed.

            Star Wars: Millenium Falcon is a terrific adventure starring some of our favorite characters and introducing us to a whole slew of new ones.  In addition to be a great stand alone adventure, this novel just happens to be the perfect lead in to the Fate of the Jedi novel series.  Long time fans of the Falcon will not want to miss the opportunity to learn a great deal more about their favorite ship than they ever knew before.  Fans of the Star Wars universe in general will not want to miss this new adventure and its introduction to the new novel series in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.


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