Science Fiction

Star Wars: Republic Commando: Odds

Author: Karen Traviss

Published By:
The Ballentine Publishing Company

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


          Star Wars: Republic Commando: Odds, by Karen Traviss, is a short story that can be found at the end of the paperback edition of Star Wars: Republic Commando: True Colors.  Being a huge fan of the Republic Commando series, I couldnít wait to read more of their adventures. 

            The story takes place in between the events of the Republic Commando novels Triple Zero and True Colors Omega Squadís Atin is learning the fine art of subtly sabotaging Separatist droids before they can be used in the war against the Republic from Null Trooper Prudii.  Recovered data from the manufacturing site is the same as the data recovered from other such sites by Prudii in the past, revealing that the size of the droid army has been vastly over-estimated.

            Meanwhile, Null Trooper Mereel is in Tipoca City, stealing data from the Kaminoan cloning facility in hopes of finding something within that will slow down the aging process of clones.  While sorting through the data, he comes across a holo-recorded conversation between Lama Su and Emperor Palpatine.  Apparently, as yet, the Republic has not made any payments toward the commission of more clones for the war effort.

            On the surface, the revelations appear to be no big deal.  In fact, the idea that less droids are being manufactured than the Republicís original estimate, should actually be good news.  But coupled with the information that Palpatine has not paid for more clones and the strategies used in deploying the Republic forces, Kal Skirata and his Null troopers are worried.  Instead of using the information about the true droid counts and sending in their forces in a concerted effort to wipe out large Separatist colonies one at a time, the Republic forces are being stretched thin over a large number of locales, vast distances from one another. 

            With the Army of the Grand Republic scattered over way too many fronts and no relief in site via the manufacturing of new clones, Skirata and his men are finding it easier to believe that there may be a more dangerous enemy in this war than just the Separatists and that enemy may just be The Grand Army of the Republic, itself.

            I wonder why it is that the powers that be place the Republic Commando short stories in the back of the books when they clearly refer to events taking place before the novel begins.  If you are going to place them in the back of the book, at least give the readers a head up.  You know, something along the lines of: If you want to know about events talked about in this novel by the commandos, read the short story found in the back of this book first. 

            Despite that minor annoyance, I found the revelations in Star Wars: Republic Commando: Odds to be quite interesting.  Of course, by now we know that this war was orchestrated to raise Palpatine into power and destroy the Jedi, but I enjoy reading about the ways this war was orchestrated down to the last minute detail.  Plus, Karen Travissí writing has caused me to be thoroughly invested in all things Republic Commando and I just have to read everything written about them, even the short stories.  Despite the short story aspect, there was enough action and intrigue to keep the reader engaged and the fact that the story features some of our favorite clones is just icing on the cake.  Star Wars: Republic Commando: Odds is definitely a must read for fans of the series, but I advise that you read it BEFORE reading True Colors.  It will give you a better idea as to the revelations referred to in the novel and will offer up a better continuity to the story when read in this way.

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