Science Fiction

Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Revelation

Author: Karen Traviss

Published By: The Ballentine Publishing Company

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

WARNING: This article contains spoilers about the Legacy of the Force series.  If you do not wish to learn any pivotal spoiler information, please consider yourself warned!

            The time is fast approaching Ė time for me to read the last novel in the Star Wars: Legacy of the Force series.  But first, letís discuss the eighth and next to last book, Revelation by Karen Traviss.  For quite some time now, Ben Skywalker has believed that Jacen Solo, his uncle and former teacher, had a hand in Mara Jade Skywalkerís death.  Ben doesnít buy Jacenís repeated protestations that he did not have anything to do with the death of Benís mother.  Thus, in Revelation, Ben sets out to prove his theory.  While Ben works on his case, Jaina Solo works on convincing Boba Fett to train her to destroy her brother.  But Boba Fett is a tad distracted by the discovery that his ex-wife is still alive and encased in carbonite.

            Meanwhile, Jacen is training a new apprentice, one whose personal loss is painful enough to push her toward the Dark Side ĖTahiri Veila.  Time spent being tortured by the Yuuzhan Vong coupled with the loss of her beloved Anakin Solo has turned the once playful and carefree Tahiri into a sorrow-filled, anger-driven young lady pining for the love she lost when Anakin died.  Jacen uses this to further his ascendancy to the Sith throne.  He decides to test Tahiri by sending her as his attachť to the Imperials.  He hopes that she can help to convince Pallaeon that the Imperials are best served by joining the Galactic Alliance in policing the galaxy.  Jacenís most recent target is the shipyard planet of Fondor and he can only hope to conquer it with assistance from the Imperial Remnant.

            Can Jacen and Tahiri convince Pallaeon of their plan?  Will Ben discover the truth behind his motherís death?  Has Boba Fettís wife survived encasement in carbonite and does he really want her to?  Can he focus long enough to mold Jaina into a Jedi-killing machine?  What will happen now that Jacen has revealed his new identity of Darth Caedus to the world?

            I was happy to discover that Revelation marks the return of Karen Traviss to the series.  I have found that no one else is better at writing about the Mandalorians.  She has Boba Fett and his fellow Mando down pat.  Not having read the Boba Fett young adult series of books, Iím glad that Karen Traviss took time to explain Boba Fettís wife and the events that caused him to leave her and her child behind.  All other authors that have attempted to tackle the mystery of Boba Fett have left readers with a sense that Boba was something less than human.  Karen Traviss brings a sense of humanity to a hard and seemingly callous bounty hunter.  I always enjoyed the mystique of Boba Fett, but now I find I enjoy Boba Fett the man as well.

            I found Tahiri to be an interesting choice as a Sith Apprentice, but for some reason, it seems to fit.  Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.  Thatís what Yoda used to say.  Well, it seems that Tahiri has definitely been through that cycle and then some.  Although I wish Anakin Solo would come back as a Force ghost and allow her to see the error of her ways, I doubt thatís going to happen. 

            Jacen is simply evil as Darth Caedus.  I love how he explains his psychotic murdering episodes away by blaming the other party Ė he/she made me do it.  Itís a syndrome that many a despot has used in the past.  I also love how Karen Traviss was thoughtful enough to bring up and explain the yellow tinge to Sith memberís eyes.  I found it interesting that Jacen has trouble recognizing enemies hiding right under his nose.  Could it be that he is overly cocky?  His rages remind me of a child who isnít getting his way.

            Amazing to see Ben maturing so quickly, but I suppose that was to be expected with all the Skywalker/Solo family has been through.  Ah, I remember him as an infant, so young and innocent.  My how time flies!  Mara fans will be happy to know that she hasnít simply disappeared in the Force, although they will be annoyed to see how brief her visit to her family is.

            Jainaís training sessions with the Mandalorians are incredibly intriguing.  How ironic that the very same bounty hunters who helped hunt the Jedi into near extinction would help a Jedi to depose a despot.  Well, maybe itís because that despot is also a Jedi.  Or maybe itís because they see that Jedi have no choice in what they are and therefore canít all be to blame for how certain people use their powers.  Either way, scenes during which the Mando spar with Jaina are rather entertaining. 

            Fans of Boba Fett and the Mando culture are going to love this book!  We definitely get to see a side of Boba Fett and his people that we have never seen before.  The title of the book, Revelation, is about more than just Jacen revealing his Sith side to the galaxy.  There are plenty of secrets and quite a few surprises revealed in this novel that fans of the Expanded Universe are not going to want to miss.  Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Revelation was one exciting read.  With each novel in the series besting the next, I canít wait to read the series finale.


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