Science Fiction

Star Wars: Roll of the Dice

Author: Karen Miller

Originally Published In: Star Wars Insider Magazine

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            With the new X-Wing novel, Mercy Kill, featuring Wedge Antilles' daughter Myri, it comes as no surprise that she would be featured in a new Star Wars Insider short story.  Roll of the Dice, by Karen Miller, is designed to give us a glimpse into the new generation of Star Wars heroines.

            In Roll of the Dice, Myri Antilles is undercover, on a mission to discover what the seemingly harmless small-time criminal Gran, Captain Oobolo, is all about.  Sure, he was no choir boy - his ship, the Galactic Princess, hauled dwarf bantha around the galactic rim as a cover for the true money-making activity on his ship: gambling.  But could intel be right?  Could this Gran actually be financing interplanetary political and corporate espionage?

            Just as Myri discovers some positive evidence to the fact, she is distracted by a mauve-skinned humanoid.  Angry that she has been thrown off the trail of Oobolo just as he receives a mysterious data crystal from a high-scoring patron, she realizes that the humanoid is actually her father in disguise and he comes bearing bad news.  Cover blown, the two find themselves on the run in the most unlikely of places.

            I suspect, with the rapidly increasing age of our original heroes and a younger fan base becoming involved in the Star Wars phenomenon, that we will be seeing more stories featuring the younger generation of Star Wars characters.  The last issue featured Han and Leia's daughter Jaina Solo and this one features yet another original series hero's child.  Those of us who are fans of the original characters are treated with a glimpse of Wedge Antilles in action, but this is Myri's tale and she proves to be just as cunning as her dear old dad and his wife, Iella Wessiri.

            Karen Miller is a veteran Star Wars author, having written three novels in the Clone Wars era.  Although she has never written any stories involving the newer generation of Star Wars characters, Miller does an excellent job portraying Myri Antilles as someone who is good at what she does, but still feels like she is standing in the shadow of her famous hero of a father. 

            I enjoyed this look at Myri Antilles and now I can't wait to get my hands on Mercy Kill.  A long standing fan of the X-Wing series of books and comic books, I am certain that this latest novel will make an excellent addition to the series.


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