Science Fiction

Star Wars: Speaking Silently

Author: Jason Fry

Originally Published In: Star Wars Insider Magazine

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            I love the Star Wars Expanded Universe and reading stories involving characters we know and love from the movies and new characters that grow on us the more we learn about them.  Lately, some of my favorite Expanded Universe novels take place during the Clone Wars and feature the Clones.  I enjoy learning about the individuality of these warriors that appear almost identical, but have very different personality traits and styles.  That's why I was happy to learn that the latest short story appearing in the Star Wars Insider Magazine would be featuring Clone Captain Rex and Torrent Company.

            In Star Wars: Speaking Silently, Captain Rex and his company are on the planet Ereesus.  Rex is not having a good day.  First of all, he is working with the local planetary militia.  Rex views this as an unpredictable element and Rex doesn't like unpredictability.  Rex knows his men - the Clones - as well as he knows himself and their training doesn't allow for much unpredictable behavior on the battlefield, but the Ereesus Planetary Security Forces are not a known asset and therefore, to Rex, are a danger.

            His second and most pressing problem is the holovideo he has just watched in which recently captured members of Torrent Company and EPSF are paraded in front of the camera by the enemy.  While attempting to figure out his next move, Rex is interrupted by an EPSF Lieutenant who insists that, despite the fact that none of the prisoners actually spoke on the video, he can decipher exactly where they are held and the strength of the enemy holding them.  But even if Rex trusts this information, will Torrent Company and EPSF be able to rescue their men without casualties?

            At five pages in length, Speaking Silently is not overly long and yet, the action and intelligent writing make the story seem much longer.  A proponent of getting to know the people around you by learning about their cultural history, I found this story extremely interesting.  Jason Fry reminds us that without knowledge of a people's cultural history, you really don't know who it is you are battling with or against.  Rex learns that the cultural history of the EPSF militiamen puts them at an advantage against enemies that Rex could never have ascertained just by fighting alongside the men. 

            Speaking Silently is not just a lesson in warfare, but in every day life.  If we just got to know people and their cultural histories, it could make it easier for everyone to get along.  Many a difference could be solved if people understood why others acted or reacted in certain ways based on the history of their culture.  An incredibly interesting story that should not be missed.


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