Science Fiction

Star Wars: The Bounty Hunter Code (Vault Edition)
From the Files of Boba Fett

Author: Daniel Wallace, Ryder Windham and Jason Fry

Published By: 47 North

 Produced By: becker&mayer!

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Having already gotten my hands on two Star Wars themed vaults, The Jedi Path and the Book of Sith, I could hardly conceal my excitement when it was announced that a similar bounty hunter vault would be released.  I immediately made that one of my Christmas list items, one of those items that I never expected to receive as a gift and so I squealed…yes, I said squealed…when I discovered that Star Wars: The Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett was indeed one of the gifts under the tree.

            The box the vault comes in is neat in itself, but once you open it, you find a tarnished gold colored and battered-looking bounty hunter flight case, decorated with a Mandalorian seal.  On the bottom of the case is a plastic data card.  First, you remove the card and put it to the side.  Then, you depress two buttons on either side of the case, activating the electronic lights and sound and causing a data card port to be unsealed.  Slipping the data card into the port causes the case to slowly open and you hear that electronic hydraulic sound of the case opening and air escaping.  Pretty cool!

            Inside are two books, The Bounty Hunter Code and Making a Killing, a saber dart a Han Solo Wanted Poster and a number of documents regarding Boba Fett’s ship license, bounty hunter credentials, etc.  The leather-bound hardcover book, The Bounty Hunter Code, actually contains two books - The Bounty Hunters Guild Manual and the Death Watch manifesto.  The Bounty Hunters Guild Manual contains all the information you need to become a flourishing member of the bounty hunter trade.  Of course, the folks writing the book are all members of the guild and like to remind you that you don’t really want to go independent.  It’s to their benefit…and yours…to join the guild.  The book contains the history of bounty hunting, the guild, what you will need to go on the hunt, the information you will need to gather, the resources you can access, etc.  The Death Watch manifesto contains everything you ever needed to know about the Death Watch: how it came to be, its goals, its enemies and more.

            Making a Killing is a soft covered forty-seven page book written by Cradossk, head of The Bounty Hunters Guild and Bossk’s father.  This book is an amusing discussion of Cradossk’s journey to the top as a bounty hunter and as much advise he can think of to impart on anyone who might read the book. 

            Like the books in the other two vaults, both books have notations in the margins written by various “owners” of the vault like Aurra Sing, Bossk, Dengar, Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Greedo and Han Solo (who comes into possession of the book after the Rebel Alliance stumbled upon it).  The notations are often quite humorous and sometimes enlightening.  The books come with some incredible artwork.  The artwork in The Bounty Hunter Code was great, but I really have to applaud the artwork found in Making A Killing - each picture in that book looks like a professional painting. 

            I enjoyed that the creators of this vault had the thought to include information from all of the various aspects of the Star Wars universe - the books, the television series, the movies, etc.  I also loved that the pages in the book look stressed and used to the point that there are even a couple of finger prints on the pages, as if the book has been thumbed through on a number of occasions. 

            I only have a complaint or two about this set.  For one thing, though it looks cool, The Bounty Hunter Code vault is not made the same as the other two vaults.  It appears to be made of a cheaper material and is not as sturdy as the other two.  Also, I have opened the vault maybe three times and on the third time, the electronic sounds and lights didn’t work the same.  The vault opened, but not in the same cool style as it did the first couple of times.  The data card only fit’s a quarter of the way in the slot, tripping the lever to open the box.  I think it might have been a little more enjoyable if the data card went in halfway and, to give it more of an authentic feel, if you put it in wrong, the box should emit a buzzing sound with read lights indicating unauthorized access.

            That being said, I still enjoyed the Star Wars: The Bounty Hunter Code vault.  The books were well written and illustrated.  The annotations by various Star Wars characters were on point with their various styles.  The little extras light the dart, wanted poster, etc. were pretty cool.  The only thing that would make my vault collecting experience complete would be a vault containing manuals and other artifacts of the Rogue and Wraith Squadrons.  Now, that would be awesome (hint, hint)!


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