Science Fiction

Star Wars: Turning Point

Author: Jason M. Hough

Art By: Carsten Bradley

Originally Published In: Star Wars Insider Magazine

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                I find it fitting that the latest Star Wars short story to be published in the Star Wars Insider would be one set during the Aftermath trilogy, the first book of which I just happened to finish a couple of weeks ago.  I wondered who would be featured in the tale and where in this trilogy’s timeline it would take place.

                In Star Wars: Turning Point, we are introduced to Gorlan Seba, a tracker who lives just outside the dangerous Zoess Forest.  A family man, Gorlan keeps to himself, hoping to go unnoticed during the Imperial occupation, but that is not to be his fate.  A late night visit from Lt. Vrake drags him into the war between the Empire and the Rebellion

He is forced to aide Vrake and his stormtrooper attachment in tracking rebel prisoners who have escaped into the forest, but there is a catch.  They can’t use their communication devices or blasters – these things are useless in the Zoess.  Forced to use primitive weapons, the stormtroopers enter the Zoess and its multitude of dangers with a tracker who they barely trust.  Gorlan, for his part, wonders what he has gotten himself into, secretly hoping that they don’t find their prey…and that they don’t become prey themselves.

We don’t really learn when in the Star Wars timeline this story takes place until the very end.  At that point, all action in the tale stops and we are left to wonder whether there are any survivors in the Zoess.  After all, just because Princess Leia has announced the destruction of the second Death Star, that doesn’t mean that Lt. Vrake and his men or the rebels will stop fighting automatically.  Just read Aftermath and you will know that isn’t the case.

And therein lies the problem with this story…it has an open ending.  Most short stories end, but with Turning Point, you’re left wondering the fate of the characters involved.  Will the conclusion be told in Aftermath: Life Debt or will we be left hanging?  I suppose I’ll have to read Life Debt to find out.


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