Science Fiction

Star Wars: Voice of the Empire

Author: Mur Lafferty

Art By: Jason Chan

Originally Published In: Star Wars Insider Magazine

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                What are the odds that I would receive this issue of Star Wars Insider Magazine on the same date that it was announced Carrie Fisher had died?  While I was excited about learning more about Rogue One, for some reason it didn’t seem fitting to open the magazine just yet…to learn about a new movie when one of my heroes from the first films and the new sequels was gone.  I waited a bit, then I decided to take the magazine out of the cellophane.  I started by reading the new short story.

                Star Wars: Voice of the Empire begins prior to A New Hope The Empire is ever increasing its hold on the galaxy, crushing any sense of derision from any avenue available.  What can be more exposing for the Empire than the press?  Seeking to gain a hold in that area as well, the Empire has sent one of its own to take over HoloNet News.

                They’ve decided to place popular investigative reporter Calliope Drouth at the forefront, but they don’t really want her to continue her duties as an investigative reporter.  They actually want her to make the Empire seem more accessible to the average individual by covering various events and reporting on fashion and assorted other things.  At first, Calliope is incensed by the change, but when her former news editor offers her a way to still do important things for the galaxy, she decides to go along with the charade, finding another way to rebel against the Empire.

                Voice of the Empire was interesting enough with its moments of intrigue, but I found it a little flat.  There was very little in the way of character development here, though I did like how Calliope stuck it to the Empire with that ancient recorder droid.  I believe that the author was trying to show the little ways in which many people were rebelling against the Empire and trying to feed information to the Rebellion, but the story was not all that exciting.  Not every act of intrigue and espionage is going to be exciting, I get that, but this story seemed to be a bit…underwhelming.


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