Science Fiction

Star Wars: Blade Squadron: Zero Hour

Authors: David J. Williams and Mark S. Williams

Originally Published In: Star Wars Insider Magazine

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Star Wars Insider Magazine is making preparations for the upcoming  film, Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, with a new prequel short story that ties in with the prequel novel Star Wars: Aftermath.  Weíve seen Blade Squadron in the past, and now the squadron of Rebel Alliance B-Wing fighters returns in a new tale entitled Star Wars: Blade Squadron: Zero Hour

We last saw Blade Squadron taking on the Empire during the fall of the second Death Star.  Their actions in that battle saw squad leaders getting promotions and new recruits.  The war did not end at Endor.  In fact, the battle has just begun, with the Imperials massing for another push against the Rebel Alliance.  Blade Squadron has been assigned the duty of taking out a communications hub that just so happens to be on Moff Pandionís vacation palace

Of course, Lt. Gina Moonsong wants to take out the playhouse of the notorious leader of the slavers' cartel, but orders are orders and Commander Braylen Stramm is not willing to vary from them.  But Moonsong is still that headstrong pilot she was during the Battle of Endor.  Will she follow orders or will she go rogue and take the squadron of rookies along with her?

Quite honestly, I still canít seem to feel anything for these new Star Wars characters.  Thereís just nothing really there that makes me want to know what might happen to the major players of Blade Squadron.  I didnít even blink when the last story ended in a cliff hanger.  Zero Hour ends the same way and I donít much care what happens to Blade Squadron this time around either.

 Iím not sure if itís the writing or the characters themselves, but I was just as bored with this tale as with the first Blade Squadron story.  If these tales tie in with Aftermath, what reason would I have for buying this novel.  The only positives I could think of for Aftermath might be the Wedge Antilles factor and the fact that the novel is written by a different author.  As of now, though, I have a bad feeling about this new novel and the movie set to come after.


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