Take This Waltz

Composed By: Jonathan Goldsmith

Song By: Corinna Rose and the Rusty Horse Band

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the romantic dramedy Take This Waltz, Michelle Williams is Margot, a freelance writer who thought she was happy in her five-year marriage to Lou (Seth Rogan).  At least, that is, until she meets Daniel (Luke Kirby), an artist who makes extra money driving a rickshaw.  There is an instant chemistry between Margot and Daniel, but exploring that chemistry could destroy all that Margot has managed to build in her life...or it could mean finding the one thing that is missing in it.

                The musical score of Take This Waltz was created by Canadian composer Jonathan Goldsmith who began his foray into musical composition for film and television in 1982.  The award winning composer has amassed quite a résumé of work including the musical scores of Dead Silence, Lost Souls, Black and Blue, Black Widow, Away from Her, Casino Jack and more.

                The music of Take This Waltz is designed to reflect the emotions of the main character, Margot.  Set to the waltz tempo, the composition is often melancholy as Margot struggles to discover what's missing in her relationship with her husband.  There is also a dreamy quality as she looks for what's missing in Daniel, dreaming of what could possibly be.  The music is beautiful, but very sad with hardly any upbeat quality about it.  The album wraps up with a song by Corinna Rose and the Rusty Horse Band called Green Mountain State.  The song is about new and secretive love and perfectly reflects the storyline of Take This Waltz.

                The Take This Waltz Soundtrack is enjoyable, but not all that memorable.  The compositions are beautiful, but lack that special something that makes music stick in the listener's mind long after the music has stopped playing.  That being said, the soundtrack is still worth taking a listen to if only to hear the innovative way Jonathan Goldsmith works with the waltz's musical style in each track.


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