Tales of Halloween

Music By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Aleph Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In the horror anthology Tales of Halloween, eleven renown horror film directors join forces to create ten short stories, joined together by the common denominator of the date (Halloween night) and the locale (an American suburban community).  Ghouls, ghosts, imps, aliens, monsters and axe murderers all make an appearance to terrorize unsuspecting residents in this film that Fangora has named "the best horror anthology since Trick 'R Treat."

            The music of Tales of Halloween was created by various artists, including Lalo Schifrin, Joseph Bishara, Christopher Drake, Bobby Johnston, Sean Spillane and more.  Each track is representative of a different genre and some tracks represent multiple genres within the same composition.  Legendary composer Lalo Schifrin composed the first track of the Tales of Halloween Soundtrack.  Composer of the score of The Amityville Horror, Schifrin is no stranger to the horror genre.  With the Tales of Halloween Main Title, Schifrin composes a score that seems to be a sort of James Bond meets the worlds most haunted house, a flashy jazz style (Bond) added to a spooky, haunted house feel.  The Night Billy Raised Hell by Bobby Johnston features a multitude of music genres all rolled into one with jazz, pop, rock, western hillbilly and more making an appearance.  The final track, Tales of Halloween, is a hard rock song performed by Jimmy Psycho that will leave you pumped and a bit amused when it comes to the lyrics.

            One important thing to know about the music found on the Tales of Halloween Soundtrack.  Though they are all from different composers with their own style of creating music, they all have something in common - classic horror cues.  The various classic horror cues that can be found on this album include haunting music performed on a saw (woo-OOOO-ooooh), blasts of sound during an otherwise near-silent score, ominous undertones, repetitive music (think the Halloween piano theme), moments in which we hear a cacophony of sound, screeching violins, organ/harpsichord music and more.

            The Tales of Halloween Soundtrack is not exactly easy to understand until you realize that this is a horror anthology.  Though boasting the same theme, each track will have that spooky flare, but the genres will be different based on the story and the composer chosen to help enhance the scary with music.  Thus, though there is little cohesiveness in the tracks, the music is enjoyable and I have no doubt that it works well with the visuals of the film.  Fans of this anthology will definitely want to get their hands on this album!

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