From the Desk of Natasia:

A Most Tasty Treat


The Taunting of the Birds

By Natasia Minners


Ah, the birds outside my window

Swooping and whistling, they taunt me so.

Always just beyond my reach.

The perimeter of my fortress they never breach.


Flitting past the window pane.

Following their movement, my neck does crane.

Only wanting a little taste.

Not even the feathers would I waste.


But never do they fly too close,

Adding to my daily woes.

They swoop and dive and call out as they go.

Oh, those birds, how they trouble me so.


Come just a bit closer you feathery tease,

A little bit closer to me, if you please,

For I have a strong feeling as you fly past my seat

That you are, by far, a most tasty treat!



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