Composed By: Ceiri Torjussen

Distributed by:
MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Set in San Francisco in 1985, Test stars Scott Marlowe as Frankie, an understudy in a modern dance company.  As he begins a relationship with veteran dancer Todd (Matthew Risch), his yin to Frankie’s yang, a new and very scary epidemic has come to light, one that especially threatens those in the gay community.  A new test has been developed to detect the presence of the HIV virus in the blood, but the implications of the test and the worry as to the way the results can be used are worrisome.

            The musical score of Test was created by Welsh composer Ceiri Torjussen.  Becoming interested in music at a young age, Torjussen learned to play the trumpet and the piano by the age of eight.  He began composing music soon afterward.  Trained in classical music, but arranging and performing in bands spanning the musical genres, Torjussen began creating musical score for documentaries while still in high school.  Since the year 2000, Torjussen has created a number of musical scores for film, including scores for Repo Man, Live Free or Die Hard, Underworld Evolution, Big Ass Spider! and The Canal.

            I hadn’t checked the promotional material before I listened to the Test Soundtrack and therefore had no idea what the movie was about, but I found the music so compelling that I needed to find out.  A mix of electric and electronic sound, the Test Soundtrack features synths, violin and percussion with the exception of the last track, Weily Waltz, which seems to be simple waltz music.  The rest of the soundtrack is an amazingly edgy dance score.  My favorite track is XXX Dance – edgy with just a hint of danger…could this be a track in which Frankie dances on the wild side with Todd?

            The music found on the Test Soundtrack is incredibly enjoyable and makes for a perfect stand alone album as well as a perfect score to compliment the visuals of the film.  I had a great time listening to the Test Soundtrack…then again…and again.  The music created by Ceiri Torjussen for this film makes it hard to believe that he was classically trained, but I am glad that he dabbles in multiple musical genres, for this was one enjoyable music experience well worth the listen.


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