Composed by: Raymond Enoksen and Geirmund Simonsen

Distributed by: Screamworks Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the Norwegian supernatural horror film, Thale, Elvis (Erlend Nervold) and Leo (Jon Sigve Skard) are crime scene cleaners hired to clean up after a particularly gruesome murder in which only half of the victim has been found.  While cleaning, they make an unexpected discovery: a huldra (a seductive forest creature of Scandinavian folklore) has been held captive in the victim's home for quite some time...and something wants it back.

                The musical score of Thale was created by the Norwegian composing team of Raymond Enoksen and Geirmund Simonsen.  Raymond Enoksen comes from a musical family and began playing classical and improvisational piano at a young age.  While studying for a degree in musical composition, his professor recognized Enoksen's talent for dramatic scoring and arranged for a collaborative effort with the state film school.  In 2005, his work on the score of the television series Lars monsen - Canada på tvers made Enoksen popular in the TV scene.  He soon created the music production company Dreamscores, Norway's biggest production house for media music.  Geirmund Simonsen is a composer, producer and musician who studied at the Academy of Music in Oslo.  He also worked on the Lars Monsen series and is part of the folk metal band Glitterati.

                When I listened to this soundtrack, I was immediately taken in by the beauty of the score.  Not knowing what the movie was about, I thought I might have been listening to a movie set in Scotland or Ireland...a fantasy movie featuring castles and magic.  Such was the wistful nature of the music that featured cellos and fiddles and something like chimes or bells.  There is an ethnic quality to the music that fits in well with a story steeped in Norwegian folklore and those chimes/bells add to the mystical quality of the creature that Leo and Elvis eventually find. 

                Despite there being a bit of an ominous undertone in the music, I would have never guessed that Thale was a supernatural HORROR film.  Supernatural I could get, but horror?  This is definitely not your average horror score and for that, I give the composing team kudos for creating a unique soundtrack that I enjoyed so much, I've already listened to it three times.  I also offer kudos for the fact that the Thale Soundtrack icon also features a bonus track - the music for the movie's trailer.  Often times, a movie's trailer will feature some really cool music or song that never makes it into the movie and therefore never gets onto the soundtrack.  The creators of this soundtrack recognized that the trailer music was awesome and definitely deserved to be included in this album.

                The Thale Soundtrack is a definite must-listen to any fan of musical composition.  It's unique sound is quite refreshing and just what the doctor ordered in an age where many horror scores have begun to sound like carbon copies of each other.  In fact, the score and the trailer have inspired me to check out the film as soon as I get the opportunity.  Quite an interesting concept if you ask me.


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