First Impressions

The Catch

Aired on: ABC

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

                I had absolutely no desire to see The Catch, a new Shonda Rhimes series debuting after Scandal on ABC.  The premise bored me and the actors didn't really wow me either.  But I was reminded by a certain someone that I am in the business of reviewing entertainment and there are a lot of Shonda Rhimes fans out there who might want to know whether watching The Catch would be worth it.  So it was that I found myself ensconced in front of the television on Thursday, March 24, 2016 at 10pm EST.

                When it was first announced in 2014, The Catch was supposed to be about a gutsy female forensic accountant.  It was revamped and we now had a series centered around a private investigator.  Alice Vaughan (Mireille Enos) co-owns a security firm with Valerie Anderson (Rose Rollins).  They work for very high profile clients and have been chasing a mysterious Mr. X who has been systematically hacking into their clients and stealing from them.  Alice and her team are using their investigative skills to track him down.

                Meanwhile, Alice is busy working on her upcoming wedding with Christopher Hall (Peter Krause), the head of a large corporate firm.  It isn't until they are getting incredibly close to their wedding date that Christopher begins acting strangely, asking Alice to run away with him.  Alice thinks he is less than serious and tells him she will elope with him as soon as she tracks down Mr. X.  She returns home later to accept Chris' proposal and he is gone.  Going to his office, Alice discovers that it was all just a lie - the office is completely cleaned out as if no one had ever been there.

                Alice is floored - she's been conned and Christopher now has her entire life savings...and then she realizes just who Christopher really is - Mr. X.  And Mr. X has now hacked into the firm's security files changing the protocols so he can attack their other clients.  Now, along with her team, Alice is determined to track Mr. X down before he can do irreparable damage to their clients and their firm.  Unfortunately, an FBI agent (Jacky Ido) is also on Mr. X's trail and his investigation can make things uncomfortable for everyone involved.

                I tried to keep an open mind while watching the debut episode of The Catch, but to be entirely honest, I was bored to tears.  Of all the projects Shonda Rhimes has been involved in, this show has the least captivating cast and a storyline that is just not all that clever - the woman who could never be conned gets conned.  It's been done before...often.  There is no chemistry between the characters and no reasons to really care about them.  In fact, the only intriguing character in The Catch is Sophie Novak (Elvy Yost), introduced as a lawyer, but, as we soon discover, Sophie has quite a few other hidden talents.

                When you consider the total retransformation of the storyline and the constant changes in the cast, you realize that this show was problematic from the start.  It explains why The Catch isn't all that intriguing and why I lost interest in it from the start.  I kept watching it until the end of the episode, but found myself unimpressed and less than interested in the promos for the rest of the season.  This one's a snoozer not worth wasting any further time over.


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