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Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            One day, as I walked out of a post office in Orangeburg, New York, I passed a stack of magazines with a rather colorful painting on the cover.  The painting caught my eye, as did the name of the magazine - The Hook.  A passerby noticed me perusing the magazine and stopped to pick one up as well, telling me that this was a terrific magazine and that he was sure I would enjoy it.  I decided to take him up on his statement and went home with a copy.

            The Hook Magazine is a seasonal publication that offers insight into cultural, artistic and community-wide events in the lower Hudson Valley area.  However, the writers who contribute to the magazine donít simply stay to the Hudson Valley area.  After all, their job is to add a little culture into the lives of the residents of this area.  Thus, they often spread their boundaries to offer insight into other areas that may be of interest.

            The Summer 2009 edition of The Hook contains 54 pages of informative articles, ads supporting local businesses and colorful photographs.  We begin with an article about boating along the Hudson River, followed by a piece about a local toy seller with a unique approach to the toy business.  We are then whisked away to a sidewalk bistro which happens to be located not in France, but right in Piermont in Rockland County.  We then take a look at ballroom dancing which is making a comeback in the local area. 

            With finances being a major concern to families in the local area, it makes sense that the Q&A section would feature an interview with a local financial planner about the present state of the economy and how to survive the downswing.  From there, we are introduced to The Plight of the Honeybee and given insight about the decline of the honeybee and how important it is to assist in its resurgence. 

            Then its off to whet our pallets with a discussion of summer wines.  This is followed up by a discussion of an antique collectors item and its journey into its current ownerís collection.  This is followed by a look at a local artistsí paintings and a local auto detailerís growing business. 

            From here, we take a journey outside of the Hudson Valley area to discuss the growing concern over the legitimacy of art purchases all over the world.  Many artistic artifacts have been stolen over the years and end up in private or public collections and there is a growing movement by many countries to reclaim these pieces.  This is followed up with an exotic vacation piece which discusses an escape to the country of Palau.  For those who canít afford such an exotic journey, The Hook also has an article about a quaint vacation spot located right in the Westchester area.

            That passerby in the post office was correct in his assumption - I did enjoy reading The Hook Magazine.  It was a treat to learn more about the businesses and concerns of the Hudson Valley area.  I enjoyed the cultural aspects of the magazine.  I think itís a shame that this magazine is only a seasonal publication as I believe that the residents of the Hudson Valley area would benefit from a monthly publication. 

            You can subscribe to The Hook Magazine at for an annual fee.  Perhaps, with enough subscribers, the magazine will eventually expand its publication to a bi-monthly or monthly magazine.  Either way, The Hook will continue to offer up the best in culture, art and community to all those interested in the Hudson Valley area and beyond.

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