Short Story

The Horror

by Natasia Minners

            Green walls and a padded floor.  I throw myself against the bars of my prison, crying out for mercy.  My cries fall on deaf ears.  I search for some weakness in the walls, the barred front door, the barred ceiling.  Pushing my nose through the tiny openings I sniff the air, hoping to catch the scent of someone sensitive to my plight.  There is no one.

            Hunching down in the corner of my cell, I ponder my dilemma.  How do I escape this cage, for escape I must!  A more horrific fate awaits me should I remain locked in this cell for much longer.  I decide my only avenue of escape lies in waiting for the guard to unlock the door.  It would be happening soon and may possibly be my only opportunity.

            I lay in wait, crouching to spring the moment the door is unlocked.  I cry out in feigned distress.  If my captors believe I’ve given up, they’ll never expect an escape attempt.  The moment arrives and I can hardly contain my excitement as the latches of my prison are released and the door is opened.  It’s now or never.  There will be no other opportunity.

            I time my leap perfectly, arriving at the door just as it reaches its fully opened state.  Soaring out of the cell, I revel at the smell of freedom, the joy of a plan well-executed, the taste of victory…the feel of arms encircling me as I am wrapped up and placed on the examination table.

            My worst fears are realized and the real horror has just begun.  The doctor is most definitely in!


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