The Inbetweeners Movie

Music By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Sony Music

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            The Inbetweeners Movie is a film spin-off of an award winning British television series starring Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison and Joe Thomas.  In the film, the four friends, now eighteen and having completed their final year of school have decided to take a holiday in Malia with no parental supervision, no teachers and no money.  And yet, somehow, they believe they are going to make it big with the ladies.  The misadventures of The Inbetweeners find a new locale in this new film set in Greece.

            The soundtrack of The Inbetweeners Movie features various artists such as Miles Kane, Miles Skinner, Ke$ha, The Vines, Deer Tick, Sean Kingston and more.  The music found on this soundtrack is mostly club/dance music and is quite enjoyable.  My favorites are Blow by Ke$ha, Fernando’s Theme by Mike Skinner…actually just about every track on this album by Mike Skinner, who is a very talented musician and composer.  These tracks are designed to make you want to move your body - the beats are pumping and every ounce of your body screams dance when they play.  That is, with the exception of Waving Not Drowning by Mike Skinner which has a really strange sound and just doesn’t seem to fit the soundtrack genre.

            Interspersed between the dance tracks are tracks of explicit dialogue from the film.  While this may be fun for fans of the film and television series, I found quite a few of these tracks to be a bit over the top, even for someone like me who can usually shrug off that sort of thing.  In my opinion, some of the dialogue scenes are a bit raunchy and have no place on a soundtrack.

            Despite that bit of criticism, I found The Inbetweeners Movie Soundtrack to be quite an enjoyable experience - a make you get out of your seat and dance experience that anyone who likes club music will find to be a whole lot of fun.


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