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The Indecent

A MySpace Find

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            MySpace is not only a way to meet and chat with people all over the world, itís a way to showcase your talent.  Many unsigned musicians head to the social networking sites in hopes that people will take notice.  One such band, The Indecent, dropped a line and I decided to check them out. 

            The Indecent is an unsigned punk/rock band who cite groups like The Sex Pistols, Nirvanah and Sonic Youth as their musical influences.  Their music, a mix of punk-like vocals and rock riffs and beats has a very professional sound to it.  But what is most mystifying about this group is that you would never guess the ages of the band members by listening to their music. 

            Without really looking at the pictures on the site, I checked out the four songs available for play.  My favorite song of the four is 25 Steps.  This song offers the best example of the bandís professional sound.  White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane has always been one of my favorites and The Indecent actually do a fairly good job of it, although it could use a little more polish toward the end.  The other songs are excellent both lyrically and musically with great guitars and amazing drums.  The lead singer was good, but could use just a little more polishing on certain notes.

            Then I decided to watch a video of one of the songs, Soybean, and I was shocked - this was a teenage rock band!  No way!  The sound is so professional!  The video itself looked professionally made!  And yet, itís true, the musicians of The Indecent - New Yorkers Emily Brout supplying lead vocals, Maddy Brout and Bo Brout on guitars and Canadian Nicholas Burrows on drums - are all teenagers. 

            The Indecent definitely has my attention.  This is a band that I believe, with a couple more years under their belts, could become quite the sensation among members of the rock scene.  The Indecent is definitely a MySpace Find that Iíll be keeping my eye on.


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