Feature Article

The Justice Story

Distributed by: The New York Daily News

by Melissa Minners

            I read the newspaper almost every day, catching up on major news stories from the local area and around the world.  I really donít have much of a preference when it comes to reading the news during the week, but on weekends I have to buy a copy of The New York Daily News.  Itís not just the funny pages or the coupons that make me turn to the Daily News on Sundays.  Itís a one page section found in every Sunday edition of the Daily News entitled The Justice Story.

            Each week, The Justice Story looks back at old crime cases, offering a summary of the events leading up to the crime, the crime itself, the investigation, and the outcome of the case.  There is no specified timeline to what cases can be discussed Ė Iíve read about cases as far back as the early 1900s.  One particularly interesting case featured on The Justice Story was the Miranda rape and kidnapping case of 1963 from which evolved the Miranda Warning, a series of rights that are read to you upon arrest.

            What most interests me about The Justice Story is that the section only features true crimes.  The page summarizes the entire case so I donít have to research through a stack of newspapers to find out the various threads the investigation revealed or the caseís outcome.  The Justice Story doesnít just spit out a bunch of facts, but places the information in story format, making the tale interesting to the reader.  The page often includes photographs pertaining to the case itís describing, giving the reader a visual point of reference to go along with the verbal information.  

            I love the fact that The Justice Story also offers some information about events taking place after the case has been solved and the court verdict has been rendered.  For example, in the article about the Miranda case of 1963, the readers were given a glimpse as to what became of Ernesto Miranda years after the court decision in his case.  Many people only know about the case and the verdict, but very few know what eventually happened to Ernesto Miranda.

            To me, this is by far one of the most interesting sections to be found in the Sunday Daily News.  Anyone who loves to read about true crime will enjoy this section.  Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a Sunday edition of The New York Daily News some day and check out The Justice Story.  I have no doubt you will find it very entertaining and informative.


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