The Notebook

Written by: Nicholas Sparks

Published By: Warner Books

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

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            The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks is a story about a love that stands the test of time.  The story begins in a Nursing Home in North Carolina.  An elderly resident named Duke begins reading to fellow resident out of a faded and worn notebook, in hopes to jog some memory from her about their past.  The story he reads is about two star-crossed lovers, Noah and Allie, who meet in 1946. 

            Noah, a young man from the working class, lays eyes on Allie and instantly falls in love with her.  When Allie refuses his initial advances, Noah remains persistent, and eventually wins her affections.  However, Allie comes from an upper class family that has very definite ideas about Allie’s future.  Determined to keep Allie from destroying the opportunities her upper class lifestyle affords her, the family leaves the town of Seacrest, leaving Noah behind.  Noah writes to Allie every day for a year, but the letters go unanswered, hidden from Allie by her mother.  After the year is over, Noah decides to go on with his life, but never forgets the love he once knew.  Eventually, after many years filled with hardship and happiness, fate steps in and Noah and Allie rediscover the love they lost.

            As The Notebook continues, we discover that the take of Noah and Allie holds special meaning for Duke and his friend, who seems to suffer from bouts of forgetfulness.  We become absorbed in the tale of the star-crossed lovers and are anxious to learn of their fate.  Just when you believe you know how the story will turn out, there is a twist, leaving you with your mouth agape wondering what surprise the next page will bring.  Duke’s plight becomes special to us and we root for his success.

            Nicholas Sparks has a magical way of making you care about every character in this story - not just the main characters, but the ones playing supporting roles.  He brings a passion to his love stories that rivals that of romance novelists such as Danielle Steele and Sydney Sheldon.  His descriptive nature places you in the story as it is happening.  His passion makes you care about the outcome.  His talent for storytelling captures your attention until the very last page.  Be forewarned – keep tissues handy – this one is a tear-jerker!


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