Indie Rock

The Rewinds

Artist: The Rewinds

Produced By: LiveWire Recordings

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


              The Rewinds are a band hailing from Birmingham, Alabama comprised of four members: Michael Shackelford - lead vocals and guitar, Glenn Drennen – vocals and lead guitar, Brooks Marks – drums and vocals, and Chris Markham – Bass.  Their sound is a mix of old and new, a blend off folksy riffs and harmonic voices.  The Rewinds have received regular airplay on 100.5 WANZ’z “Indiez Only”, 107.7 WRAX’s “Locals @ Eleven”, University of Alabama’s 90.7, and Jacksonville State’s 90.5.  They’ve opened for such acts as Better Than Ezra, My Morning Jacket, Verbena, Snow Patrol, Eisley, VHS or BETA, and Kevin Kinney

            After listening to The Rewinds’ self-titled CD, I realized that their sound was familiar, but I couldn’t figure out where I’d heard it.  I knew for certain that I hadn’t been hearing it on mainstream stations, which is something of a shame in itself.  The Rewinds’ lyrics are catchy enough for mainstream even though the beat may be a tad too soft.  I listened to the demo a couple of times, wracking my brain in an effort to liken their sound to something that people reading this review could relate to.  Then, my brother turned on The O.C. and it dawned on me – The Rewinds’ music would fit perfectly on this show.  The music played in the background of The O.C. is very similar to that found on The Rewinds demo CD.

            In fact, their song Everytime is perfect for any teen drama.  Just picture a series like Dawson’s Creek:  It’s the final scene of the episode.  Joey and Dawson have been friends, lovers, haters, half friends / half lovers, indifferent…Joey is sitting next to Dawson spilling her guts about how their relationship just sucks and how much she wants them to just go back to being friends again.  Joey looks straight ahead, not daring to meet Dawson’s eyes.  Dawson considers it all for a moment.  We all think he’s going to freak out and then suddenly he smiles and wraps an arm around Joey, pulling her close and playing the goof.  As they get up and walk off down the street, we hear this excerpt from Everytime playing in the background: “Everytime you walk away / I get the feeling you’re coming back / Everytime you hesitate / I get the feeling you’re coming back.”

            Don’t take my word for it – check out some sample tracks at The Rewinds' My Space page.  Once there, you’ll be able to hear some of their songs, find out where they are touring next, learn about the bands that influenced them and more.  I’ll be expecting to hear The Rewinds again…undoubtedly on a television show like The O.C. or Dawson’s Creek, or maybe in a movie about teen angst – mainstream radio stations don’t know what they’re missing.


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