The Rules

A Guide for People Owned by Cats

Written by: Max Thompson

Published By: Inkblot Books

Reviewed by Natasia Minners


            Last year I read a book that I hold very close to my heart - The PsychoKitty Speaks Out: Diary of a Mad Housecat by Max Thompson.  Max and I must be soul mates of a sort.  We think alike, have the same tastes in food and he even looks like me.  I love his book so much that I decided I had to read all of his musings.  I know I could read his works on his blog, but I decided that it would be much more fun for my human to wonder where her money was going to and why she was receiving packages in the mail that she didnít remember ordering.  And so, it was with expectant kitty glee that I ordered The Rules: A Guide for People Owned by Cats.

            The Rules is a guide for humans that tells them just how to treat their furry bundles of joy.  From how to feed them to how to accept gifts from them, this book tells humans all they need to know to keep their kitties happy.  Being a senior kitty, Max is very knowledgeable in this field and he feels that spreading the word to the humans of this world will not only improve his own living conditions, but those of kitties everywhere.

            Look, we all know that humans think they know whatís best for kitties.  The reality is that they really have no clue.  We donít like baths and we donít like to be disturbed when we are sleeping.  We hate having to remind you that loud singing at all hours of the night is an acceptable way of expressing our artistic nature.  We donít want to receive admonishments every time we cough up a hairball.  If we drop something dead in your lap, this means we like you and are willing to share.  Donít scream - give us Stinky Goodness (as Max likes to call it). 

            Max describes the best toys to buy for us, the best way to keep us happy food-wise, when to feed us, what treats are for, why we donít like vets, and more.  He is very descriptive, offering the humans a great deal of information.  He even includes pictures because he knows that humans often need visual aides to help them on their route to success.

            At $12.95, one might say that The Rules is a fairly expensive book.  As a kitty who knows my human can learn a thing or two form this informative guide, I hiss at that idea.  How much is too much to spend in an effort to make the most important being in your life happy?  So pick up a copy of The Rules: A Guide for People Owned by Cats for your human today and get ready for the purring sessions to commence!


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