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These Girls

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Reviewed by Justine Manzano


     Sometimes, I let my designs on a certain actor get the better of me, and I begin to follow them.  Not for real—I’m not a stalker, for crying out loud!  I simply have to watch every television show and movie they bother to produce.  This addiction has already proven troublesome in the past.  It was the reason behind me watching The Crow: Wicked Prayer which was a rather painful experience—even if it starred my absolute favorite actor, David Boreanaz (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Bones).  Yet still, I could not help it—I bought These Girls, Boreanaz’s latest movie with a clear conscience—and I was surprised.

     These Girls follows three close friends in a very small town.  One girl, Glory (Amanda Walsh), has been baby-sitting the child of a hunky neighbor, Keith (the above mentioned Boreanaz).  Her friends, Lisa (Holly Lewis) and Keira (Caroline Dhavernas, Wonderfalls) break onto Keith’s property to steal the marijuana he is growing in his backyard, when they discover that Glory is having an affair with the older, married Keith!  At first, Glory’s friends tease her about the affair, but when Glory describes how amazing it is to be with an older man, both friends find themselves sneaking to Keith’s house and each girl convinces him to have sex with her. 

     Naturally, it doesn’t take long for all three friends to realize what is going on.  They should be angry, embarrassed and they should feel used.  And, like any normal movie characters, they do—for a moment.  Then, they decide that the real way to overcome this obstacle in their friendship is to share him.  Yes, share him.  So, they blackmail Keith over his weed and his adultery and get him to agree to a schedule in which they switch off every day.  At first, Keith is in heaven, but soon, he becomes sexually exhausted and gets desperate and he’s not as nice a guy as you would think—so his plan to get the girls out of his life might not be the safest for them.

     This movie surprised me.  When I read the premise, I was sure I was in for one hell of a crap shoot, but it actually turned out to be rather dark and funny and strange.  Boreanaz does well to maintain the balance between a slightly redeemable character and a guy who would sleep with three nineteen year old girls while married with a baby.  Dhavernas is wickedly funny as the plot’s mastermind.  The dark comedy is well done and you can’t help but laugh at Keith’s misfortune and the girls’ perverse plan.

    In the end, These Girls will never be an Oscar winning masterpiece, but it’s a bitingly funny dark comedy that will leave you guessing simply because nothing these people do is in any way predictable.  Check this one out, it’s fun and weird and, surprisingly, it’s worth it. 

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