The Song

Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the romantic drama, The Song, Alan Powell is Jed King, a singer/songwriter trying to catch a break and get out of the shadow of his country music legend father.  He meets the love of his life (Ali Faulkner) at a local vineyard's harvest festival and marries her.  Love inspires Jed to write a song for his wife and that song becomes Jed's breakout hit.  But with stardom comes temptation and Jed soon finds his life and his marriage falling apart.

                The Song Soundtrack features music performed by various artists like Alan Powell, Ricky Skaggs, Emmylou Harris, Caitlin Nicol-Thomas, Taylor Walling and more.  There's definitely a country flavor to the album in keeping with the film's storyline.  The album features original songs by Vince Emmett, a singer/songwriter with a background in country, bluegrass and gospel.  But there are also a few surprises on the album - songs that have no country background that receive a country twist.

                It all begins with The Song (Awaken Love), the love ballad that turns out to be Jed King's breakout hit.  Performed by Alan Powell, who just so happens to be co-founder of the Christian rock/pop group Anthem Lights.  Powell's sweet, smooth vocals and the sweet, romantic lyrics combine to make The Song a beautiful love song.  This is followed up by Son of a King, not such a polished track, but one that speaks to the life Jed King has been trying to escape.  Then we come to my favorite track on the album, Kentucky Voice by Ricky Skaggs.  This song has an old school country sound that I love and I can listen to it all day.

                Following Kentucky Voice is Split the Baby which is performed hilariously by Alan Powell.  It has that drunken country style that reminds me of a few old country acts in recent history.  You Made Me Love You by Taylor Walling is a great country twist on a song dating back to the early 1910s.  Can't Hold On (Jed) is an incredibly sad song dedicated from a father to a son.  I Love You Truly by Jill Paquette is another oldie but goodie, a parlor song written in the early 1900s that receives a nice country twist.  This is followed up by Confetti, a fun, sexy country/pop song performed by Caitlin Nicol-Thomas, a singer/violinist you may recognize as Jessie from the hit television series Nashville.

                I've already discussed eight great songs and I haven't even gotten through the album yet.  The Song Soundtrack features fifteen country tracks, including a country version of The Byrds' Turn, Turn, Turn (To Everything There Is A Season) performed by Roger McGuinn, Ricky Skaggs and Emmylou Harris.  Country fans are going to love this album as a stand alone.  Fans of the film are definitely going to want to get their hands on it.  The Song Soundtrack is one of those albums that is a fun listen and well-worth your hard earned money, especially if you love country music.


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