The Titan

Musical Score By: Fil Eisler

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


               In the science fiction thriller, The Titan, Sam Worthington is Rick Janssen, a war pilot who survived for three days in the desert without food or water.  Rick is selected for an experiment that will adapt its participants to the hostile environment of Saturn's moon, Titan, the place selected as a possible new home for the Earth’s humanity.  Unfortunately, the evolution experienced by the experiment’s participants has some rather interesting and sometimes deadly side effects.

               The musical score of The Titan was created by Czech-born, English-raised composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Fil Eisler.  One of the most diverse composers of today, Eisler has composed for a number of projects ranging from independent film to big studio action movies, comedies and television series.  An award-winning composer, some of Eisler’s works include the musical scores of Empire, Proud Mary, How the Be Single, Dietland, Life of the Party, Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce, Revenge, CHIPS, Shameless, UnReal, Newtown, Natural Selection, On the Ice and more.

               The Titan Soundtrack features a mainly orchestral score with some electronic sound mixed in.  Titans Training takes on a hopeful note, featuring fast-paced strings and a sense of optimism.  Rumbling dark undertones with low registry brass and ominous sounds let us know that the optimism of early tracks may have been misplaced.  Tally features the sound of a heartbeat…an ominous sound that sets the tone for the downright scary synth and percussion mix that takes over in the middle of the track.  As the Titans “become,” the score features more electronic sound and synths blended in, musically speaking to the foreign, state-of-the art, enhanced beings the participants in the Titan experiment are becoming.

               Without even knowing a thing about the movie, I could tell that The Titan was a science fiction film.  The synths and electronic sound mixed in with the orchestral was a dead giveaway, but another clue was Titans Training and that sound that gives the listener that impression of looking toward the future.  The Titans Soundtrack is an extremely entertaining listen and Fil Eisler has created the perfect score to go along with this film, action-based at some points, highly dramatic at others.  A job well done!


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