The Town

Musical Score By: Harry Gregson-Williams and David Buckley

Distributed by: Silva Screen Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Co-written and directed by Ben Affleck, The Town is a crime drama adapted from the novel Prince of Thieves by Chuck Hogan.  Ben Affleck also stars in this film as Doug MacRay, a local criminal who, with the help of three lifelong friends, robs a bank in Cambridge, Massachusetts and takes a teller hostage.  After releasing the teller (Rebecca Hall), Doug follows her and they eventually start a relationship.  Doug soon realizes that there are better things in life than money and he decides to get out of the business.  But getting out wonít be easy, especially with a major crime boss (Pete Postlethwaite) calling the shots and an FBI agent (Jon Hamm) hot on his trail.

            The soundtrack of The Town is composed by Harry Gregson-Williams and David Buckley.  British composer Harry Gregson-Williams began his music career as a teacher in the 1980s.  He went on to become one of the most sought after soundtrack composers of his time, working in various genres and using both orchestral and electronic music to compose his works.  He has composed musical scores for Shrek, Man on Fire, The Chronicles of Narnia, Kingdom of Heaven, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, the Metal Gear video game saga and more. 

            David Buckley is a British composer who began his career as a choirboy performing on Peter Gabrielís score for The Last Temptation of Christ.  Continuing his musical education at Cambridge University, Buckley also became a teacher and later a composer, working with Gregson-Williams on such well known films as Shrek, The Number 23, and Metal Gear Solid 4.  He recently has scored music for From Paris With Love, The Good Wife and The Forbidden Kingdom.

            The music of The Town Soundtrack is quite descriptive in nature.  Percussion and bass are used to denote action.  Strings in low registry provide ominous undertones.  Stings in high registry provide a sense of urgency as do the electronic background noise.  Tracks 3 (Doug Reflects), 6 (Healing and Stealing) and 16 (The Letter) contain a beautiful theme created to represent Doug MacRay performed via guitar in the third track in a very gritty format and via piano in a style that is much more enlightened and mature in the sixth and sixteenth tracks.

            I found the soundtrack of The Town to be captivating.  The composers perfectly described the characters and the action of the film through their music.  The little touches, like the heartbeat in Track 4 (FBI Show & Tell), provide a nice descriptive touch and add to the intensity of the scenes.  This is a great soundtrack, but be warned: donít listen to The Town Soundtrack while driving!  The adrenaline pumping tracks could inspire a need for speed and get you in serious trouble!


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